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Claude Belloq was an antagonist in the book Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Fates. Belloq was the brother of René Belloq and the uncle of his brother's son.

After the death of his brother René, Claude decided to seek revenge against René's rival Dr. Indiana Jones. Belloq came up with an elaborate hoax in which he had his men plant a part of a shield off the coast of Greece with a cryptic message referring to the Eye of the Fates, a jewel that had was purported to have the ability to show the user the future and to change the future at will.

Indiana Jones learned of the shield and recovered it from its underwater location. With the assistance of a museum curator's son, Jones began to search for the eye and came to Belloq's compound in Hokkaido. Belloq can capture Jones and his young assistant and reveals that he plans to take revenge for the death of René. However, several giant crabs invaded Belloq's compound, enabling Jones to escape.

After Jones escaped Belloq and his men were arrested. Besides as punishment for creating this hoax, Belloq was expelled from the International Society of Archaeologists.


  • Belloq appeared in two of the twenty paths presented by Indiana Jones and the Eye of the Fates. In one version he obtained the Eye of the Fates, killing Jones in the process. In the other version, Belloq reveals that the Eye was a hoax meant to draw Jones into a trap.


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