Claude Elsinore is the secondary antagonist of the Canadian comedy movie Strange Brew.

He is portrayed by Paul Dooley.


He is Brewmeister Smith's client and the acting President of Elsinore Brewery, being responsible along with Smith for the murder of his brother John Elsinore.


Claude is in his office where his niece Pamela discusses her inheritance of the company and she deserves the family fortune, even Claude doesn't want to give it to her. Later they have dinner, where Claude tells her he is getting married, which upsets Pam even more because her father's funeral was only recent.

Along with Brewmeister Smith, they later steal Bob and Doug's clothes while posing as them and zap Pam and Rosey with their knockout guns. They decide to frame them by having Bob and Doug deliver kegs of "beer" to a certain destination, with Pam inside one of the kegs, with some brake fluid missing. Claude wakes up Doug and tells him to start driving to the destination immediately. He then follows them in his car along with Smith.