Do not mess with me, Patrick Trueman. I'm warning you! You will be very sorry if you do!
~ Claudette, moments before her "death".

Claudette Hubbard is a fictional character and recurring antagonist from the British soap opera, EastEnders. She made her first appearance in Episode 5032 on March 12, 2015.

Claudette served as a major antagonist in 2015 and went on to serve as an anti-heroine in 2016.

She was portrayed by Ellen Thomas.


She first showed up to be a kind, caring, empathetic, and family-oriented woman who would do anything for her children. Claudette has fostered many children over the course of 30 years, as well as feud with the Mitchell family. When Henry Hubbard, her husband, was murdered on Christmas 1981, Claudette pinned the crime on Eric Mitchell, her arch nemesis and the patriarch of the Mitchell family. Ever since then, she has made her son Vincent get revenge on the Mitchells' for the murder. However, Gavin Sullivan, who is also an enemy of hers, knew the truth of the killing and used it to blackmail Claudette for years.

Arthur Chubb, a good friend of Vincent's and his employee, was caught up in the feud between the Hubbards and Mitchells when Ronnie Mitchell sent several men to beat up Vincent. Claudette found out about this and sent the men towards Arthur instead, causing them to trap him in a car. It was then sent to a scrapyard where the car was crushed. Vincent hurried and soon arrived, but it was too late since Arthur was already dead. This made the audience start to see the true villainess within Claudette.

Over the course of early 2016, Gavin Sullivan returned and started to blackmail Claudette again. On Mother's Day, she tried to pay him off by having sex, but Gavin said it "wouldn't be enough" and was going to tell Vincent the truth about his father's murder. Claudette grabbed a candelabra and used it to strike Gavin over the head. Although he survived, Vincent saw through Claudette and she revealed she actually was the one who murdered Henry. Vincent strangled her in the basement of their house, but Claudette's lover Patrick came down and stopped him. When Patrick was told that Claudette had killed Henry and Arthur, he walked up the stairs and began to call the police. Claudette tried to snatch the phone off him, resulting in Patrick pushing her down the stairs, hitting her head on a brick below.

Afterwards, Vincent tempted to bury her and he did so. It was unveiled that Claudette was alive and had dug herself out, and she is seeking revenge on Vincent and Patrick.

Despite being a villain, she did have a heroic side such as protecting and saving Les and Pam Coker from being blackmailed.



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