Claudia Hoffman is the main antagonist of the 1997 dark fantasy horror film Snow White: A Tale Of Terror.

She was portrayed by Sigourney Weaver, who also portrayed Alexandra Reid in The Defenders, and The Director in Cabin in the Woods.


Lily Hoffman, Fredric and Lilliana's daughter and main heroine, unwillingly meets her and gives her a rottweiler puppy. On the wedding night, Lily throws the ceremonial cup and it's contents at Claudia. When Lily becomes a woman, Claudia still has Lily dress in girl's clothes and Claudia does try to establish courtesy with Lily but to no avail. Claudia forces Lily to wear one of her dresses she wore as a child but Lily wears one of her mother's dresses.

In envy, Claudia gives birth to a stillborn boy and is mad when she looks at her wardrobe mirror and sees her image is replaced with an ideally beautiful one. Claudia orders Gustav to kill Lily and bring her Lily's body parts, instead he brings her a pig's heart and body. Claudia keeps the heart and puts the rest of the body parts in a stew pot and begs Fredrick to join her in eating the stew. When Claudia finds out the truth that Lily is still alive she kills Gustav by driving him to kill himself.

She uses a dark spell to trap Lily in a mine and collapses it in order to kill her, but fails. She manipulates Gutenberg to search for Lily and uses Fredrick's voice to get Lily away from the miners and creates strong winds and trees to fall but fails to kill Lily. Claudia kills three miners through her attempts to murder Lily though. Claudia has sex with Fredric so she can create her child.

Claudia later disguises herself as an old woman and tries to kill Lily with a poisoned apple but once again fails when Lily thanks to Will telling her to breathe and spit out the poisoned apple. Meanwhile Claudia takes Fredric to the chapel of the castle, where the staff are worshipping and ties Fredric to an upside cross, in a satanic ritual. When Gutenberg, Will, and Lily attack and go to Claudia's castle, Claudia pushes Gutenberg out a window to his death.

Claudia with her baby boy viciously attack Lily by smashing her into mirrors and using the shards to cut her face. But then Lily knocks over a burning brazier, which distracts Claudia when her son is threatened by the fire. Lily uses her knife to stab Claudia's mirror, which bleeds and explodes firing shards into Claudia, who is killed and burns to death.


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