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Cladius is a major antagonist in the video game Contra: Return.


Claudius was the son of late dictator Tiberius. Claudius' father built the Commonwealth which was an empire consisting of powerful armies of soldiers. The Commonwealth invaded other nations and conquered them. The soldiers, from the conquered nations, joined the Commonwealth. In 2625 AD, the Commonwealth was destroyed by its enemies. Tiberius perished in the battle between the Commonwealth and its enemies. At the time, Claidus was a senator for the federation of Earth's government. When Claidus heard about the death of his father, he vowed to rebuild the Commonwealth. To begin, Claidus created a private military and appointed himself as its leader. Overtime, the private military became more powerful. It eventually gained the support of the Red Falcon organization.

In 2638, war veteran Bill Rizer discovered the return of Red Falcon. Bill located the organization's headquarters on the Galuga islands just off the coast of New Zealand. Upon arrival at Galuga, Bill was ambushed by several teams of Red Falcon's soldiers. He managed to defeat the soldiers before entering a warehouse and commandeering a gigantic mechanical suit. By using the mechanical suits, Bill defeated more waves of Red Falcon's soldiers before reaching a base on Galugia. In the base, Bill eavesdropped on a conversation between two soldiers. One of them mentioned Cladius. The solders, along with other teams and a robotic machine, were defeated. Bill commander, Bahamut, declassified information about Cladius. He explained that Cladius was the son of Tiberius who built the Commonwealth empire. Bill decided to head further obtain more information about Cladius. Along the way, Bill encountered Han Feng who was another war veteran. Bill and Han joined forces. Together, they defeated more of Red Falcon's soldiers. Both of them entered a lab and killed dangerous test subjects who were causing trouble. After destroying the base, bounty hunter Catelyn joined Bill and Han.

Meanwhile, a soldier was talking with Cladius. He informed Cladius that the base was destroyed. Angered, Cladius dispatched other soldiers to activate the island's battleship.

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