Claw Bear

Claw is one of the antagonist from Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom.

He is voiced by Chris Smith.


Queen Bear figured out Claw and Strom were a part of the aimbushand they were traitors, she realized she must return to the king as soon as possible, then the rogue wolves found her again and attacked her, she got surrounded.

Strom and Claw came back and said it wasn't safe and overrun with rogues, Louis, The King Bear's chief Advisor, realized Strom and Claw were traitors and Princess Canue even felt it, but then, Strom and Claw pushed The King Bear and Louis over the waterfall.

Humphrey agrees, and in his words he was pinning the rogues and the traitors against each other. They started fighting. The Queen Bear arrived and the war broke out between the rogue wolves versus the western pack and the Bear Army. The Western pack and the Bear Army were winning. Meanwhile, Louis and The King Bear came back up and battled with the King Rogue, Strom and Claw and threw them over the waterfall, The Rogue Wolves were Defeated and captured.


He is a brown grizzly bear.

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