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Claw is a lobster and an antagonist from Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell. He is a greedy bully who does not like to share things.


When the player enter Claw's lair, he tells Freddi and Luther to stay out of his club. Claw refuses to share his flashlight with Freddi and Luther. To get the flashlight, the player must win at least one mini-game with Gill Barker. He receives a mirror after that. When the player gives him a mirror, he reforms and gives him the flashlight.

Later on, if the claw-shaped boxing glove is the object, it belongs to him. When the player gives it to him, the dog-fish will bite his tail and will give the player the missing conch shell. After Claw talks to Freddi and Luther, explaining that the other bullies, being bigger than he, made him do it, so Freddi explains her feedback, that it is still plain wrong, and all of the citizens, including those who blamed Uncle Blenny, feel sorry for him. Before the credits are rolling, the narrator said that Claw has violated penal code 119 for his vituperative and spiteful attitude and is forced to take a "ballet for bullies" remedial class (with a tutu and ballet slippers) for a year as punishment.

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