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Clawface was the most loyal follower to Brokenstar and his ShadowClan and a major villain of Erin Hunter's Warriors, serving as one of the secondary antagonists in Into the Wild, alongside Blackstar (but Blackstar wasn't really evil and essentially a hero; Clawface was a villain) and Brokenstar's true second-in-command and deputy, so because Blackstar was not a villain. He killed the medicinecat of the ThunderClan, Firestar's love interest Spottedleaf. Clawface was also the true right-hand to Tigerstar.

Outward and life

Clawface was Brokenstar's real deputy and right-hand and a darkbrown tomcat with yellow eyes.

Clawface and Brokenstar

Blackstar was a do-gooder, but he was naive. But Clawface was totally dark and a crazy villain. He was cruel, extremely sadistic and monsterous, like Brokenstar, Tigerstar and Tigerstar's teacher Thistleclaw. Clawface was a minor antagonist in the Omen of Stars and one of the warriors serving under Hawkfrost, Tigerstar and Brokenstar in the Dark Forest.


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