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Clawful is a member of the Evil Warriors and a recurring antagonist in the 1983 Filmation cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Clawful is a humanoid crablike creature who served as one of Skeletor's henchmen. He appeared to be higher ranked than Skeletor's other evil minions, as he was often seen commanding ones such as Trap Jaw and occasionally served as Skeletor's right-hand man within an episode.

He was voiced by producer Lou Scheimer, credited as "Erik Gunden".


Clawful made his debut in "Dree Elle's Return" as the main antagonist of the episode. In it, he and Trap Jaw stole the Horn of Evil from Orko's home planet of Trolla and took it to Eternia to cause havoc there, leading to Dree Elle and her younger brother to travel to Eternia to help He-Man and Orko retrieve the weapon. The two attempted to use the Horn to gain entrance into Castle Greyskull, but were stopped by He-Man and his allies. While Dree Elle dealt with Trap Jaw, He-Man tossed Clawful into a lake along with his transport.

Following that episode, Clawful would make recurring appearances, serving as one of Skeletor's minions and often aiding him with his evil schemes.


  • While Clawful's action figure depicts one of his claws as being larger than the other, in the cartoon they are both the same size, likely as a cost-saving measure to save animation cells.


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