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Clay is the opening antagonist of the 2006 film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. He is a high-school student and the rival of protagonist Sean Boswell.

He was portrayed by former actor Zachery Ty Bryan.


Clay was interfering Sean for talking to his girlfriend after she compliments him on his car. As Sean is about to leave, Clay throws a baseball at Sean's Monte Carlo and he stops the car to confront Clay. His girlfriend says the two should have a race and the winner gets to go out with her. Clay and Sean begins racing in a neighborhood under construction. Clay and his girlfriend crash into a piece of concrete tubing, while Sean plows through a house and ends up flipping his car. Later Sean, Clay and his girlfriend were at the police station seen injured. While the police captain talks to Sean, he explains that "Barbie and Ken" are going to walk out of here without a slap on the wrist and that their parents are too hooked up.

Clay was last seen walking out of the police station with his girlfriend and both of their parents. It is unknown what happened afterwards; Clay would have lost interest with Sean and will have reconciled with his girlfriend.


  • Despite appearing for a short time on the screen, Clay can be considered the main antagonist (though he was then replaced by DK Takashi), as his jealousy for Cindy caused Sean's move to Japan. Even so, however, Sean never moved back to America afterwards as Clay was never seen again for the rest of the movie.


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