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Clay Jensen is the main protagonist from the 2007 novel 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, as well as its Netflix adaptation. While normally a heroic but flawed character, throughout Season 4 his depression and mental issues cause him to go down a dark path, eventually developing the alternate persona Percy and starting to terrorize the students and vandalize property. Thus, he arguably serves as the protagonist villain in the fourth season.

He was portrayed by Dylan Minnette, who also played Kenny in Let Me In and Blizzard in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Note: For this page, we will only be talking about his villainous depiction in the fourth season (which mainly revolves around his "Percy" persona).


Season 1-3

Clay is not a villain in the first three seasons. Instead, he spends those seasons trying to get justice for his friend and crush Hannah Baker (who killed herself as a result of Bryce Walker's actions). While he fails to get legal justice for Hannah, Bryce is eventually beaten up by Zach Dempsey on the town's navy pier and is then thrown into the river by Alex Standall.

Season 4

Due to growing paranoia and depression linked to Hannah's death and the guilt of framing Montgomery de la Cruz for Bryce's murder, Clay begins to grow more hostile and destructive throughout the season, constantly starting fights and insulting friends and family members.

This leads to him developing an alternate personality called "Percy". Under his Percy persona, Clay spends the season vandalizing school property and attacking peers. He first spray paints the words "Monty was framed" at his school. He then smashes security cameras during the evening, and he sends an email to his friends demanding them to spill the beans about Bryce's true murderer and the incrimination of Monty. On a camping trip, he presumably beats up Justin and incapacitates and ties up one of the jocks from his school, and when his friends gather in a cabin, he begins to terrorize them by scratching and knocking on the door with a knife, simulating a break-in scenario.

After "Percy" destroys Principal Bolan's car during a school riot, Clay's therapist Dr. Ellman deduces that Clay is the one who has been causing trouble, and Clay comes to realize this too. After he lets out his dark secrets and confesses his crimes, his "Percy" persona subsides and Clay starts to go back to his normal self.








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