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Ethan Bennet, better known as Clayface, is a major antagonist in the 2004 show The Batman. Though he starts off as a supporting protagonist who is also Bruce Wayne's friend, but becomes a villain following him inhaling putty made by the Joker, though he redeems himself later on.

He was voiced by Steve Harris.


At first, Ethan was a respected cop who viewed Batman as a hero to Gotham. He would even avoid catching Batman, despite his job as a police officer asking him too. However, Clayface held a vengeful side, as shown when he tried to kill his boss for firing him and when tried to kill the Joker to get revenge. Batman would have to stop him, reminding Clayface that killing doesn't solve anything. Ethan does have better control over his abilities later.



Ethan used to be best friends with Bruce Wayne. As kids, they once got lost in the natural history museum and were also on the basketball team in high school. When they grew up ,Ethan became a cop while Bruce became CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

Ethan is first seen telling Chief Roas that Batman beat Rupert Thorne and his thugs. the chief gives Ethan a new Partner and tells him to start hunting for Batman. They learn that a criminal known as the Joker has realized the Arkham inmates and rush to lend a hand. Ethan sees Batman but escapes before he could catch him. He later meets Bruce and Alfred Pennyworth. He and Yin track down Batman and Joker fighting on a hot air balloon and then send the clown to Arkham after his defeat.

The two cops later hear of a criminal named Bane causing damage in the city and find out that Batman has been injured. With Batman injured, Bane continued his rampage, making it harder for the police to stop him. Eventually, Ethan sees Batman well with a Bat Bot suit, and it is revealed that Yin got injured, so Ethan let Batman fight and defeat Bane.

Ethan and Yin later investigate a series of robberies committed by birds. They are then seen coming to Bruce's party to check out the matter and discover that birds stole jewelry from a woman. Its discovered that the theief was Penguin and his Kabuki Twins. Batman stops him and then plays basketball with Ethan the following day.

Ethan and Yin later chase Batman after he stopped a criminal, coming across Wayne Enterprises. They come across Whane enterprises where they see bats. Ethan jokes saying bruce is batman but Yin says they want to have a look anyway. Together, they find Dr. Langstrom working on a formula to be the ultimate Bat in Gotham. The two then leave him to his work. Later langstrom becomes Man Bat and goes on a rampage. Bennit and Yin try to stop him beliving Langstron is Batman. The Man Bat kidnaps Ethan and leaves Batman to chase him. Batman saves Ethan beating Man-bat and putting him in Arkham.

Later, Ethan and Yin are seen investigting a crime caused by Mr. Freeze. During Batman's battle with him, the detectives arrive to see Freeze get away. Yin tries to peek behind the mask, but Batman escapes. Later as Batman fights freeze and beats him Ethan says "Batman is his type of crimnal.

One night, he was lured into a trap by Joker and planed to be tossed in the river along with every other powerful authority in Gotham. Thankfully, Batman saved them and sent Joker to Arkham.

As Clayface

When Joker escapes Arhkam a third time, Cheif Rohas demands Batman be captured to give the police a good name. Ethan protested, defending Batman as an asset to the city and credited him with helping to capture Joker. In response, an infuriated Rojas threatened to suspend Ethan, and told him to figure out where his loyalties lain. Ethan decided to prove that he's a good cop, and attempted to take down Batman. Ethan then saw Batman fighting Joker and his new henchmen Punch & Judy, where he Batman to stop, which Batman told Ethan they are allies. Joker however got away during the chaos, and Rohas told Ethan to step up his efforts or else he would be fired. Ethan later has coffee with Bruce, and tells him about the stress Gotham PT puts on him. He tells Bruce he should meet Yin, hbut he gets a call saying Joker is on the loose, Tracking the criminal down, Ethan tries to arrest the Joker, but Punch manages to be him into submission and allows Ethan to be kidnapped by the Joker.