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The Batman eventually introduces Basil Karlo; who becomes the second Clayface with Ethan Bennett being the original while in the comics; Basil is the original Clayface.


Basil Karlo is shown to be a nerdy, unattractive and untalented actor. He is seen repeatedly turned down in auditions for a dog food commercial when he hears that Clayface is going to be cured. Basil then infiltrates into Wayne Tech and drinks a refined, purified sample of Clayface-formula. This successfully transforms Karlo into Clayface II. He assumes a handsome form, believing his rejection was due to his poor appearance, but ends being rejected once again at the dog food commercial due to his lousy acting, so he finally snaps and uses his new powers as Clayface to attack the people who rejected him. At first, he believes that this incident would be the death of his career, but his powers brought to the media's attention, covering every channel. After a battle with Batman, Robin and the original Clayface, he is injected with Clayface-antidote, seemingly restoring him to normal. However, he somehow regained these powers.

He is soon hired by Lex Luthor alongside Bane and Mr. Freeze to kidnap Lois Lane as bait for Superman but was defeated.

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