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"Let go you bi-ch!!".
~ Clayton Hibbs shortly before he ends up stabbing Kylie Platt, consequently killing her in the process.

Clayton Hibbs is a fictional character and major antagonist of the British soap opera drama Coronation Street.

He appears as a major antagonist from 2016 to 2019 and a supporting antagonist in 2020. He is the illegitimate son of Dane Hibbs and Shona Ramsay, the half-brother of Macca Hibbs, an old acquaintance of Callum Logan, the stepson and arch-nemesis of Shona's husband David Platt, and the murderer of David's spouse Kylie Platt.

He is played by Callum Harrison.


Clayton Hibbs first came to Weatherfield in 2016 when he and his half-brother, Macca, turned up at The Rovers Return Inn. It turns out they were old acquaintances of drug dealer Callum Logan, who had died months ago back in 2015. Together, the brothers caused trouble by hassling punters Kate Connor and Luke Britton until Kate's love interest Caz Hammond forced the pair to leave the pub.

Later on, Clayton began hassling Callum's former right-hand henchwoman Gemma Winter on multiple occasions. At one point, Gemma's friend and Callum's killer Kylie Platt saw Clayton knocked her unconscious. Kylie rushed over to stop Clayton, who in turn stabbed Kylie before fleeing from the scene; Kylie consequently died in the arms of her grieving husband David Platt, whilst Gemma recuperates but is saddened to learn about Kylie's death.

On the day after Kylie's death, Clayton ambushes Gemma again and attempts to coerce her into hiding his involvement behind Kylie's demise. But then David spots the pair and confronts them, quickly deducing that Clayton is Kylie's killer. Realizing that he has been caught out, Clayton attempts to tell David otherwise before he is forced to make a run for it after David makes it clear that he knows that Clayton killed Kylie. A lengthy foot chase ensues as Clayton attempts to escape and David tries to catch him. Eventually David catches Clayton, but is distracted when David and Kylie's son Max Turner walks in on the scene - allowing Clayton to escape on foot.

Following Clayton's escape, David suffers a breakdown over Kylie's death and is determined to hunt down Clayton to avenge her death. He also begins targeting Macca in order to try and lure Clayton out in the open. David's mother Gail along with his brother Nick Tilsley and their sister Sarah all try to calm David down as his grief worsens. Sarah's daughter Bethany and Gail's mother Audrey Roberts all try to help David out as well. However, despite all their efforts, David is too determined to kill Clayton and plans to do so in a suicide attempt. When he sets off to do so, however, David ends up crashing the car after he swerves just in time to avoid hitting his and Kylie's daughter Lily - who alongside David's arch rival Gary Windass manage to avoid getting caught in the subsequent car explosion that ends up hospitalizing Gary's mother Anna, though she survives in the end.

Eventually, despite David's grief and it's contribution to Bethany's school bullying ordeal with her tormentor Lauren in high school, Clayton is soon held in police custody after being charged for Kylie's murder. Gemma is also convinced by up-and-coming police officer Craig Tinkers to give evidence against Clayton, and she does so in the courtroom. Clayton is later found guilty of Kylie's murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

As David attempts to move forward with his life after Kylie's murder and Clayton's imprisonment, he begins a relationship with a woman named Shona Ramsay. They continue to grow close after Shona helps the Platts against her ex-boyfriend and former pimp boss Nathan Curtis, who alongside his associates Neil Clifton and Ian Yardley have been grooming Bethany in Nathan's abusive sex ring. However, it soon transpires that Shona is actually Clayton's estranged mother when the street learns that Clayton has been hospitalized in a prison attack; Shona learns about this after David finds out first from local villain Pat Phelan. In response, Shona visits Clayton and comes to learn about the events behind Kylie's murder.

Soon enough, Shona takes David for a walk around a park and reveals to him that she is Clayton's mother. At first David wants to end his relationship with Shona and causes Phelan's stepson Todd Grimshaw to contemplate on making her homeless after the truth about Shona's relation to Clayton is exposed. But then David agrees to use Shona's help to get Nathan imprisoned for Bethany's ordeal, which works successfully after Nathan's henchwoman Mel Maguire turns against him.

Shona and David get back together after coming into conflict with Clayton's father Dane Hibbs, who later tries to extort money to them before telling both Max and Lily the truth behind their mother's death. But they still support Shona against Dane's expectations and assure David that it is not Shona's fault for what Clayton did to Kylie. As time goes on, Shona continues to settle herself in the Platt Family and in her relationship with David. At one point she comforts David after he gets raped by his former friend Josh Tucker, which consequently causes him to undergo a similar breakdown just as before ever since Clayton killed Kylie.

When Shona later finds out that Dane has died, she attends his funeral and sees both Clayton and Macca present. The funeral ends with Macca causing a scene that ends up getting him arrested, but in doing so allows Clayton to escape. Clayton goes on the run and attempts to get Shona on his side. When she finds Clayton at an abandoned warehouse, she confronts him over what he did to Kylie and the pair have an argument just as the police and David arrive on the scene. Clayton then shocks Shona by revealing to her that he is the reason why Dane is dead; Clayton got Dane to supply drugs to him, and in doing so Dane ended up dying due to taking up Clayton's favors. Clayton then took Shona hostage to try and escape, but she stabbed him in self-defence before being rescued by David.

Once Clayton is hospitalized and jailed once more, Shona decides to disown her son upon coming to accept the extent of his nefariousness. She reconciles with David and they get married just before Christmas 2019, in which Shona gets shot by Gary's old client Derek Milligan shortly before the latter's death in a major incident. Shona is hospitalized but survives, though she ends up suffering a memory loss for the next year. When Clayton learns about this, he attempts to exploit his mother's vulnerability to his advantage; David, however, foils Clayton's attempt and by the time Shona has recovered, Clayton has never been seen or mentioned off since then.



  • Clayton Hibbs appeared 29 times in his total duration on the show.