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We're always with you.
~ Company slogan.
I know you've been watching.
~ Repeated phrase in broadcasts.

Clear Lakes Communications is the main antagonistic organization from the horror webseries Clear Lakes 44, a spinoff of Marble Hornets. They are a defunct communications network and security company that are heavily involved with mysterious, supernatural occurrences.


Very little is known about the Clear Lakes Communications company, only that they have a CCTV channel called "Clear Lakes 44". However, the footage appears to be taken from residential homes and even first-person perspectives, implying an invasion of privacy and stalking by the company and the individual recording.

Many of the broadcasts are uploaded online, and contain disturbing footage of mysterious events transpiring, such as the enigmatic life of a man simply called "Birdwatcher", a strange hooded figure known simply as "Walker", and other seemingly random recordings, one of which seems to feature Tim after the events of Marble Hornets making a deal with someone. The uploader of the broadcasts confronts the audience in Broadcast #11, directly asking them why they like watching the people in the broadcasts suffer.

Clear Lakes Communications was allegedly run by a woman named Danielle Scott, who knew Hawkins, an employee at the ECKVA Network. At some point, ECKVA bought out Clear Lakes Communications by purchasing its parent company, absorbing the brand into itself. During this process, many broadcasts were hidden or destroyed, leaving the mysteries surrounding the uploader of the broadcasts and the individuals featured in them unsolved, though ECKVA would return.





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