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Cleet and Joe are supporting antagonists in the 2018 video-game Red Dead Redemption II. They are associates of Micah Bell who join the Van der Linde gang in Beaver Hollow.


Cleet and Joe became affiliated with Micah Bell for an unknown period of time. In 1899, Micah brought Cleet and Joe into Dutch van der Linde's gang after setting up camp near Annesburg, New Hanover. During Arthur Morgan and John Marston's confrontation with Micah, Cleet and Joe stood by Micah's side along with Dutch, Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella before escaping from a Pinkerton raid.

Eight years later, Cleet and Joe joined Micah's gang in Ambarino, but Cleet left after Micah had murdered a child. John, Sadie Adler, and Charles Smith find Cleet in Strawberry, and after interrogating him, Cleet tells the group where Micah and Joe were hiding before being killed by either John or Sadie. As John continued up Mount Hagen, he came face to face with Joe and some henchmen before gunning them all down.


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