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Cleric Beasts (in Japanese: 聖職者の獣) are a type of beast found in Bloodborne. The first Cleric Beast found on the Great Bridge of Central Yharnam serves as the first (albeit optional) boss in the game.


Cleric Beasts are huge compared to most beasts found in Bloodborne. They tower over normal human beings, being covered in a thick coat of grey fur. They possess large antlers and feral, dog-like faces covered in blood. They appear malnourished, their ribs heavily exposed and their stomachs sunken-in, though this is shown to be purely cosmetic given their strength and speed. Their left arms are notably larger and matted with more hair than their right arm. Their most iconic trait is without a doubt the piercing, shrill cries they let loose, sounding disturbingly like a combination of a wild animal howling and a human screaming in pain.


Their human-selves are never shown or expressed in-game, but it is implied that they were once devout followers of the Healing Church, so devoted that they were willing to test their attempts of recreating good-blood.

As beasts, they are mindless and feral, willing to kill everything around them to curb their blood-lust.

Known Cleric Beasts

Powers and Abilities

Given their sheer size, they possess enhanced strength and agility, being able to leap across parts of the church.


The Cleric Beasts owes their name to a rumor that they were originally members of Yharnam's clergy transformed by the old blood. The Cleric Beast was a member of the healing church, possibly a hunter employed under Ludwig that succumbed to the scourge of the beast and transformed into a horrific monster. Laurence, a high-ranking member of the Healing Church clergy, also transformed into a Cleric Beast himself.





  • Cleric Beasts bear a startling resemblance to the Wendigo of Native American folklore.
  • Cleric Beasts also bear a strong resemblance to Manus, Father of the Abyss. This may have been on purpose, since Bloodborne and Dark Souls were both made by From Software.


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