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Villain Overview

Well, howdy! I'm Cletus! Welcome to Heaven! Guess you did something good to get here, and good people deserve to give loved ones special blessings!
~ Cletus, introducing himself.
He’s classier than that! There are still plenty of reasons to live, Mr. Lyle!
~ Collin about giving to Lyle Lipton a reasons to live.
Is that a serious question? He can help spread his wealth around with the people of the world! And do so much good with it! And be so fulfilled!
~ Keenie suggesting for Lyle another reason to live.

Cletus, Collin and Keenie are cherubs, which are members of C.H.E.R.U.B. and recurring antagonists in Helluva Boss. They are the main antagonists of "C.H.E.R.U.B." the fourth episode of first season.

They were respectively voiced by Don Darryl Rivera, Jayden Libran and Vivienne Medrano (the creator).


Cletus is very optimistic and tries his best to save Lyle Lipton, although he is the one who ends up killing him by accident. While usually happy and carefree, Cletus is shown to get very angry when I.M.P gets in the way of his attempts to save Lyle; he even goes far as trying to shoot them multiple times with a bow. He also appears to be incredibly self righteous, even more so than his colleagues. He even acknowledges the man he's trying to save is a terrible person and by that extent, seemingly knowing he's beyond their help but he's determined to save him anyway. However, this appears to be more out of obligation to his job rather than any moral obligation. He appears to get rather emotional, as shown from when he was expelled from Heaven.

Collin is sweet, sensitive and soft-spoken. Like the rest of C.H.E.R.U.B, Collin is dedicated to his job, going as far as to target anyone who interferes. However, he is the only one who is genuinely committed toward the message of goodwill the organization delivers, having shown care for his clients and explaining to them the positive aspects of living to lift their hopes, as opposed to his colleagues who seem to only help out of obligation. Collin appears to hold the most restraint out of the three, hardly uttering foul language and is the least quick to resort to anger. Even toward the inappropriate actions of the I.M.P., Collin, while frustrated, merely chided them for their malicious behavior and was flabbergasted why they were constantly trying to interfere. When he's worried, angered or nervous, Collin starts to stutter, and he will nearly use God's name in vain, notably being the only time he ever comes close to swearing.

Keenie poses a very kind demeanor and attempts to inspire others through her job, she's shown to be very dedicated for her work both as an angel and in C.H.E.R.U.B, not hesitating to head into combat if outside forces don't go her way. She doesn't, however, seem to be totally invested in the lives of her clients, and instead appears to only want to help them out of obligation to her job rather than out of sympathy. Being an angel, Keenie has a very modest nature having low tolerance to what she finds indecent, such as Blitzo making an inappropriate joke or when Collin uses the Lord's name in vain.

However, she appears to be very prejudiced and judgmental towards Demons, as she refers to them as disgusting, loathsome beasts that "shitty dead people" tread on. Ironically, she is shown to cuss when angered to a high point, even though she still considers I.M.P's actions and slang inappropriate, along with chastising Collin for accidentally using the Lord's name in vain even though she has used far worse language than he has. She has also shown to be the most aggressive and violent of the cherubs, kickstarting the brawl between them and the imps when Millie pushed her too far.


Much like most Cherubs, Cletus has an angelic glow and wings with his lines being purple. He looks most human though, not having fur or hooves for feet. He has circles as his blush, similar to Charlie. His eyes are large, and light purple in color. He possesses a halo, though it is unknown if he still has it. His overalls, matching his light ginger hair, are an orange with a mix of pinkish red with two silver buttons. Under the overalls he wears a light baby yellow shirt with a white collar. His eyebrows are a darker purple, but still light.

Collin resembles an anthropomorphic sheep. He has a white halo that hovers over his head and has wings on his back. His skin and eyes are periwinkle, and he wears a white bow tie around his neck.

Keenie has the form of a small anthropomorphic sheep with yellow fur, along with a yellow halo and wings. Her eyes have purple pupils with pink irises, and she wears a yellow dress with a pink bowtie.

Abilities and Powers

  • Flight:
  • Weapon Summoning:
  • Archery:
  • Musical Talent:
  • Portal Summoning:



Nothing is known about their past except that they joined to C.H.E.R.U.B to protects the living on behalf of souls in Heaven.

Helluva Boss

Cletus, Collin and Keenie appear during their jingle. They appear with the mission to stop Lyle Lipton from killing himself. But they compete with I.M.P., who want this old man death commissioned by Loopty Gootpy. During the fight between I.M.P. and C.H.E.R.U.B. the cherubs indirectly kill Lyle Lipton in result, they were banished from Heaven.

Cletus, Collin and Keenie were the next characters who will never seen again in the web series after this.


Cletus: THAT'S IT!! I HAVE HAD IT!! You three monsters have messed with us enough!
Collin: D'ooh, we're just trying to do our j-j-job!
Moxxie: Well, so are we!
Cletus: EEEENOUGH!! [The Cherubs summon golden crossbows and aim them at the Imps.] We are savin' that shitty old man’s life, whether he wants it or not!
Blitzo: Well, someone wants that f-cker dead! Okay? And he paid in advance, and I spent it all on this… [Blitzo holds up a green horse figure wearing jewels, sunglasses and a “mare-ajuanna” cap.] …so he’s gotta go!
Keenie: You all are such disgusting, loathsome beasts! Your kind is nothing but dirt that shitty dead people tread on! And now, you’re trying to meddle with the lives of HUMANS?!
Millie: So are you! So why don’t you shut your trap, you judgmental, cotton candy, tit-havin’ B-TCH?!
~ C.H.E.R.U.B. agruing with I.M.P about Lyle Lipton's fate.
Collin: Ohhhh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my Gooood! [Keenie slaps Collin across the face.]
Keenie: Get a hold of yourself, Collin! And do NOT use the Lord’s name in vain!
~ C.H.E.R.U.B. after they involuntary kill Lyle Lipton and they declares their revenge on I.M.P.
Cletus: WHAT THE--?!
Deerie: Mmm, yeah, no, sorry, Cletus, but I’m afraid your actions resulted in the death of a human. I’m afraid you can’t re-enter Heaven. Yeaaaah, noooo...
Cletus, Collin, & Keenie: WHAT?!?!
Deerie: Yeaaaah, mmmmm, sorry! Yeaaaah, no…
Collin: Is there… anything we can do?!
Deerie: Yeaaaah, nooo! [chuckles] Oh noooo, no, no.
Keenie: Bu- But we didn’t mean to! We'd never! It was all-- Keenie points to the spot where I.M.P. was, only to find them gone. All three cherubs stare wide-eyed, whist a scream in horror sound effect plays in the background.]
Deerie: Anyway, sorry, guys. But those are the rules! Yeaaaaah. Byyyye!
Cletus: Wait! But--[Cletus flies toward the portal but it closes. Cletus breaks down into tears and cries.]
~ C.H.E.R.U.B. get banished from Heaven for involuntary killing Lyle Lipton.


  • The members of C.H.E.R.U.B are the first cherubs shown to be banished from Heaven onscreen. It is currently unknown if Cletus, Collin and Keenie are still on Earth or somewhere else.
  • they are also confirmed to be the lowest of the angel ranking, being Heaven's versions of imps, however the show's creator has stated Heaven is not an exact parallel of Hell and thus is unlikely to be separated into layers in the same manner Hell is (however angels are confirmed to come in many shapes, the cherubs seem the most cartoon-ish in nature while beings such as the Exorcists are more militant and dangerous.)
  • Fans theorize that due to being kicked out of Heaven the cherubs will become demons themselves, the more likely case is they will be rogue spirits neither connected to Heaven nor Hell since true demons such as imps are confirmed to have been born in Hell and Sinners are former humans, some of the Princes were former angels (such as Lucifer) but would obviously be from a far, far different league than cherubs.

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