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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Carnage from the 2018 film. The mainstream version can be found here: Carnage (Marvel).

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When I get out of here, and I will... there's gonna be carnage.
~ Cletus Kasady to Eddie Brock.
I've been thinking about you Eddie. Because you and I are the same. Every decision we ever make... who do we leave behind, and how do we leave them... waiting in the darkness, and the rescuer never comes. Welcome back Eddie Brock. It's been a long time. We missed you... so much.
~ Cletus Kasady in the trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Cletus Kasady, also known as Carnage, is a major antagonist in Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters, serving as a minor antagonist in the 2018 film Venom and the titular main antagonist of its upcoming 2021 sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

He is a notorious and deranged serial killer who is currently locked away in San Quentin Prison, where reporter Eddie Brock interviewed him. However, he is currently planning to break out of prison so he can unleash carnage upon New York City.

He was portrayed by Woody Harrelson, who also played Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers, Charles Costello in Seven Psychopaths, Colonel McCullough in War for the Planet of the Apes, Tobias Beckett in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Harlan Degroat in Out of the Furnace.



When he was a child, Kasady was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in St. Estes home after becoming an orphan. Before Cletus was even placed into St Estes, he was already showing signs of psychopathy, including being very antisocial and even torturing and killing his mother's dog with a drill, as well as killing his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs. Sometime later, St. Estes caught on fire due to mysterious reasons, killing the headmaster and possibly many others. It is entirely possible and very likely that Cletus himself caused the fire to kill the disciplinarian headmaster out of revenge, which Eddie Brock speculates on his notes. Prior to this, he murdered a girl who rejected his romantic advances, presumably due to his psychopathic and antisocial tendencies, by pushing her in front of a moving bus. Later in his life, he murdered and tortured countless people. Eddie's notes on him reveal he also dug up his own mother's grave for unknown reasons, to which Eddie speculates as Cletus having an Oedipus Complex. He was presumably apprehended years before the events of Venom.

Interview with Eddie Brock

Following the deaths of Riot and Carlton Drake, Eddie Brock was on a motorcycle trip to San Quentin Prison to do an interview with a mystery convict to see if he will help the FBI identify more potential bodies. After receiving an ominous warning from one of the prison guards, the mystery convict is revealed to be Cletus Kasady. When Eddie enters his cell, Cletus writes "Welcome Eddie" with his own blood. During the interview, Cletus asks Eddie if he can "forgo the whole creepy serial killer thing", claiming he can turn the serial-killer act on and off whenever he wants. Cletus also mentions eating the eyeballs out of victims' heads. Afterward, Cletus tells Eddie to get closer to him, despite the guards warning Eddie not to. Eddie remained cautious, but Cletus told him he wouldn't tell Eddie to locations of his other victims. Finally, Cletus claimed to Eddie that he planned to break out of prison and unleash "carnage" upon society.

Let There Be Carnage

Kasady is set to be the main antagonist in the upcoming sequel.


Hi Eddie..
~ Kasady meeting Eddie when he comes to visit him.
Cletus Kasady: Do you mind if we forgo the whole creepy serial killer thing?
Eddie Brock: Sure, it's good with me.
Cletus Kasady: I mean, I can turn it on if you want. Talk about the Dadaist patterns of arterial spray. Talk about sucking out their eyeballs- (mimics eating an eyeball) Mmm! Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside.
~ Cletus Kasady to Eddie Brock.
Eyes in the sky, ears all around. You wanna be the first to get the scoop, right? If you're too chicken, the deal's off. No bodies, no closure for those poor families, no interview of a lifetime for you.
~ Cletus to Eddie Brock (extended edition only).
Soon come chaos. Chaos soon come.
~ Kasady in the trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage.





  • Despite just appearing in the mid-credits scene of Venom, Woody Harrelson has stated that Cletus Kasady will be having a major role in the film's sequel, having been unable to read its script until signing for the first film.
  • In the comics, Carnage (or Kasady anyway) is well-known to his blood context, which becomes one of the reasons that he is one of the most famous villains in Marvel. This making many believe that the next Venom movie will be rated R. However, the movie producer Avi Arad claims that the sequel will NOT be rated R, which led to a major disappointment among the fans. However, the success of Joker eventually confirmed the film to be R-rated.
  • While Kasady is confirmed to be faithful to the comics, the Carnage Symbiote will be slightly different, as it's confirmed that Carnage will be Venom's brother rather than his son.
  • In the extended mid-credit scene for Venom, Kasady talked about eating his victims eyeballs saying it's "crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside", which implies he may be a cannibal.


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