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The Clients are major antagonists of Hostel franchise. They are vicious psychopaths who pay Elite Hunting to provide them with random people that they slowly torture then kill for fun.


The clients are very diverse, with many males and also females (which is quite surprising for this kind of film), and many of them remain enigmatic through the whole franchise. However, they are obviously wealthy, as the services provided by Elite Hunting are very exhaustive. For instance, in the second film, some clients are shown bidding for the right to torture and kill the women displayed on their devices' screens, and the bidding is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

They are thrill-seeking psychopaths who rejoice in torture and murder. Many of them became weary after a while of sexual-pleasuring seeking, hinting that they are also libertines much like the protagonists of the films; if not, in some cases, outright sexual deviants.

The murders, for the most part, are strictly impersonal, in spite of the cruelty done to the victims; in fact, the clients do not care at all about their victim's identity, as long as they "have fun" with them. However, this is subverted with some clients, such as Todd of Part II, which knows well his victim, and as a result, is disgusted with what he is doing when he began to realize how wrong it is to commit such atrocities.

Elite Hunting prides itself in providing each client with a personal array of torture tools and devices so as to "compliment" their sick fantasies. The golden rule is that all clients MUST kill their victims, otherwise they will be terminated alongside them.

As a result, each client shown in the series was a somewhat unique evil-doer with his or her own specific method of execution. Some of them will quickly end their victims, such as the masked woman in leather who kills Justin with a salve of arrows shot from a crossbow; while others, such as Mrs. Bathory, inflicts much longer torments to their unfortunate victims.

Notable Examples


Hostel II

Hostel III


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