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Although the main antagonists of Hostel were the Elite Hunting organization the film also showed clients, who are hired by the organization to kidnap victims for them. These clients were sadistic perverts and snuff fanatics who used the criminal cartel as a means of exacting their sick fetishes on unwilling people.

The "golden rule" of all clients in the series was that they MUST kill their victim, other than this Elite Hunting prides itself in providing each client with a personal array of torture tools and devices so as to "compliment" their individual fantasies.. as a result each client shown in the series was a somewhat unique villain with his or her own specific method of murder. The below images include some of the clients.


File:007HTL Monika Malacova 002.jpg
File:Doctor hostel 3.jpg
File:Small 583767.jpg
File:Mike Eshaq.jpg
File:10732697 ori.jpg
File:Hostel Part III Ending - YouTube 0002.jpg
File:Hostel Part III Ending - YouTube 0004.jpg

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