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Cliff's my name. Battling's my game.
~ Cliff's introduction.
Blanche. You overthink. You overcalculate. You overcomplicate. But can’t you see? It's pretty simple. Your time as a leader is OVER!!!
~ Cliff's message to Blanche.

Cliff is one of the three secondary antagonists in Pokémon GO. He is one of the Team GO Rocket leaders, alongside Sierra and Arlo.


Cliff is one of Team GO Rocket's four leaders and a force to be reckoned with. He is known for being short-tempered yet sweet.

Blanche Battle

Cliff was the first Rocket Leader to be encountered by Professor Willow and Blanche, the leader of Team Mystic. They were testing a Rocket Radar prototype, they were approached by Cliff, whom asked them to leave as they were within Team Rocket territory. His command to retreat was in a surprisingly gentle tone. As they were unprepared, they retreat. They eventually met again, (after Cliff sent her a message), and battled. Cliff used a Shadow Tyranitar and Blanche used a Lapras. Blanche ended up winning the fight, and Cliff retreated.


Cliff has dark skin, chin hair in the shape of a Pokéball, a black cap, blue shoulder pads, a black jumpsuit with Team Rocket's logo on it, white gloves, white shoes, black eyes, and black hair.


Cliff has a contradictory personality. He is, on one hand, known to be a kind and gentle spirit, renowned for having a big heart. When challenged or disturbed, however; becomes quick-tempered and hard-headed.






  • Cliff can only be summoned with a Rocket Radar.
  • Cliff's signature Pokémon is a Shadow Tyranitar.
  • After losing, Cliff calls his Pokémon weak and abandons them.


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