Clinton Morgan


Clinton Morgan is a minor antagonist of the 1982 film First Blood. He is a corrupt National Guard lieutenant who is allied with Will Teasle.

He was portrayed by Patrick Stack.


Following Rambo's escape from the Ligget County Sheriff Department after beating up Teasle and his men in revenge for the abuse they did, Morgan was called in to lead a series of National Guard men to track Rambo down. They were able to pinpoint Rambo's current location in an abandoned mine shaft inside the forest.

Morgan orders several of his men to going in the mine and capture Rambo, but they refuse, knowing that Rambo is far too experienced in combat and will expect them. Morgan then attempts to call Rambo out to surrender while calling Earl for his grenade launcher. Despite Earl suggesting that they wait until Teasle arrives, Morgan disregards Teasle's orders and demanded Earl to fire the bazooka into the mine to kill Rambo. Earl does so, and Morgan happily declares to 'give that man a cigar'.

Unfortunately, this doesn't suit well for Teasle, who angrily berates Morgan and his men for defying his orders. Teasle then angrily orders Morgan to search for Rambo's body, much to Morgan's frustration. Little did Morgan knew that Rambo has escaped the explosion.

It is unknown what happened to Morgan afterwards.

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