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Clive is the main antagonist in the 2015 direct-to-DVD animated Barbie film, Barbie in Rock 'N Royals. He is a former assistant of Lady Anne, a director of Camp Royalty.

He is voiced by Alessandro Juliani.


Upon in the private island, Clive stands in vessel by before leaves on Camp Royalty with all the campers, he greets Aubray, Courtney, and Olivia by first means. With this points, Clive bumps into Erika Juno, a popstar who originally arrived in Camp Pop whatever in there was accidentally choosing went to Camp Royalty. He, Erika, Edmund, Aubray, Genevieve, Olivia, and the campers are prepared leaving for ship from Camp Royalty with actually have that about their determinations. It is nothing about careless, Courtney, who originally heads to Camp Royalty then choose went to Camp Pop after she meets Camp Pop's headmaster, Finn Oxford, and his assistant, Stevie.

Erika was enough which associates with her roommates Aubray and Genevieve. She singing the songs for them, Clive is being selfish towards the campers as he forcing Erika to against Camp Pop before joining the live show. He often dilemma by speaks with Lady Anne as well as what that his could does, although Erika's sounds is very perfect than Courtney. By roots of pains, Olivia scolded Erika, who performing a song then unable to believes her minds for gets out and crying away. Arriving in Camp Arabesque, Clive later informing to Svetlana Petranova, a camp director as well as one of the three judges of the live concert by both Camp Pop and Camp Royalty.

However, Clive needs to look after Anne but he has never been as pleasantly surprised as her. He decided to bribes her with luxurious necklace among that had able votes to Camp Royalty as Anne would makes gained Camp Pop's headmaster, Finn Oxford's fortunes. During the sing-off, Anne, Clive, and Finn then sees the campers appearing in the stage and started performing with have been honour to everyone. Upon contend between the two camps, Alegra James and Prince Reginald, who were the judges is does not having time to succeeded as Clive continues to making Svetlana's bribery. Clive meets his ends after he falling into a hole of stage who opened by Courtney.


  • He is the Rock 'N Royals version of Preminger, who is the main antagonist from Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper.


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