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I'm gonna blow his head all over the fricking parking lot, asshole! Get back in the car and buy some donuts!
~ Clive threatening to kill Carter in front of several cops.
Clive. Guess what, man? I forgot to tell you. I'm LAPD. You're under arrest.
~ Carter revealing himself to be an undercover LAPD detective to Clive before arresting him.

Clive Cobb is a supporting antagonist of the 1998 action-comedy film Rush Hour.

He was portrayed by the late Chris Penn, who also played Eddie Cabot in Reservoir Dogs, Floyd in Beethoven's 2nd and Eddie Pulaski in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Clive Cobb was known for creating and selling bombs on the black market. He first appeared when James Carter arrived to a diner, where Clive told him that he's late. However, Carter tells Clive to get on with his latest sale, to which Clive responded by revealing his new supply of C4 explosives inside his car's trunk.

However, two officers arrived to the scene and demanded the two to surrender, forcing a nervous Clive to hold Carter at gunpoint. He eventually shoots the two cops before fleeing away in his car, but Carter shoots the C4, and Clive ends up being wounded before Carter holds him at gunpoint, revealing himself to be an undercover police officer. Clive is then arrested immediately thereafter.

Following Soo Yung's kidnapping at the hands of the Triads, Carter and his new partner Detective Lee paid a visit to Clive in prison, deducing that he might know about the remote that Sang used for some C4 during the kidnapping. At first Clive refuses to cooperate, but Lee states that a little girl is in danger. As such, Clive confessed that the remote actually came from Juntao, the Triads' boss. Carter and Lee then thank Clive for the information. Before returning to his cell, Clive warns Lee to keep his distance from Carter.




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