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I'm a spy, you dolt! I've always been part of the German Empire! "Clive Cross" isn't my real name, I stole these dogtags from some Untermench's corpse! Surrender!
~ "Clive Cross" reveals his true colors to Gerald Wilkes.
Dammit Jerry...the fight never left you, did it?
~ Cross' last words.

Clive Cross was a Nazi Spy posing as an American soldier and friend of Captain Gerald Wilkins, and is the secondary antagonist of the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus's third and final DLC, The Amazing Deeds of Captain Wilkins.

He was voiced by Jim Pirri, who also voiced Rais in Dying Light, Akeel Min Riah in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Grimbyte in Bunnicula, and Angelo Bronte in Red Dead Redemption II, and also played The Executioner in CW's Batwoman.



The Owl's real name is unknown, but he took the name "Clive Cross" from an "Untermensch's" corpse and at some point infiltrated Captain Wilkins' forces, pretending to befriend him. Cross co-founded the Scorpions with Wilkins, though unbeknownst to Wilkins secretly provided information about the squad to the German forces, eventually resulting in its collapse.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

After reuniting with Captain Wilkins and his daughter Ginny, Clive went with them on a mission to destroy two Nazi supercannons in an Alaska base. However, after they arrived and the first gun was destroyed, Clive revealed himself to be a Nazi Spy and threatened to shoot Ginny with one of the cannons unless Wilkins surrendered. Wilkins survived an ambush by Nazi soldiers, and managed to sabotage the cannon's shell so it exploded. He then shot and killed Clive in retaliation for his treachery, and continued on his mission with Ginny to stop the Sun Gun and Wolfgang Schwarz.



  • His voice actor, Jim Pirri, also voiced John Anderson in the main game.
  • He is the only antagonist in the DLC's to never appear or be encountered in-game.


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