Clo-Akelon is a living weapon manufactured by the JSDF and the antagonist of episodes 28 and 29 of Chouseishin Gransazer.


Clo-Akelon was created from the remains of a deceased Akelon who was sent to invade Earth. It's development was over seen by the JSDF's Section Science Chief, Seiji Tsubaki, who sought to make Japan the world's leading superpower using it.

Shortly after the creation of the first Clo-Akelon, a scientist working on the project named Shiori Kuga stole the Akelon crystal and thus the test subject was sent to retrieve it. However, Shiori wound up encountering the Gransazers, who fought off the robotic Akelon when it tried to attack her.

Though Clo-Akelon was destroyed by the Gransazers, Shiori was taken by Tsubaki's men while they were distracted and thus, the crystal found its way back into the JSDF's hands. With the crystal in their possession once again, Tsubaki used it to finish the creation of a second Clo-Akelon. However, this test subject did not obey the JSDF and began rampaging soon after it was created. JSDF soldiers were sent in to apprehend it, but they were unable to block its destructive path.

However, the Clo-Akelon wound up having its crystal taken by Tsubaki again. The Clo-Akelon attempted to pursue, but was stopped by Sazers Tarious and Mithras, who fought it off. Driven off, Clo-Akelon quickly made another move to retake the crystal and succeeded in obtaining it again. Tsubaki had his men fire rocket launchers at the artificial alien to destroy it, however, they only managed to shatter the crystal, allowing Clo-Akelon to absorb its power to transform into its Nova Beast form.

Clo-Akelon was later brought down and destroyed by the combined efforts of DaiSazer and Yuuhi.


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