Clock Maker is a DC comics super-villain, though unlike many super-criminals he is not an evil man but rather a deeply disturbed individual suffering from a delusion that he is time itself, this makes him very easy to manipulate by other criminals as well as dangerous in his own right as he can misunderstand certain terms as threats to himself and act violently as a result.

Clock Maker made a business as a real clock-maker and was visited one day by the Hobbs Clock Company but became convinced they where plotting to murder him after someone used the common phrase "killing time", driving away his potential costumers in a rage.

This paranoid delusion grew worse as he was manipulated by the evil-minded Atkins into actively hunting these people down (who were rivals to Atkins, who wanted to take over their business for himself).

This would lead to Clock Maker hunting down those he believed where going to do him harm, all while Atkins pulled the strings, Batman got involved and exposed Atkins manipulating - prompting Clock Maker to kill Atkins with his scythe in a rage at being betrayed.

Yet tragically Clock Maker's insanity had spiraled out of control and even with his tormentor dead he wished to show the world his mastery over time and decided to blow up the giant clock tower of Hobbs, during the confrontation with Batman and Robin he sadly fell to his death from said tower.

Aspects of the Clock Maker (such as obsession with time) would be used in later adaptations of the Clock King (especially the animated series incarnation, though a key difference is Clock King's obsession is with time-keeping while Clock Maker believed himself to be time itself, both men grew paranoid and violent).

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