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Enough, Sly Cooper! It ends here. I'll finish you like I finished your father. Then, the Cooper line will be erased, and the only master thief will be... Clockwerk.
~ Clockwerk

Clockwerk is the main antagonist in Sly Cooper series, serving as the overarching antagonist in Sly 2 and the founder and mastermind behind The Fiendish Five. A large owl who resided in Russia, Clockwerk replaced his entire body with advanced machinery in the hopes to wipe out the Cooper line out of jealousy for their reputation as master thieves. He is the arch-nemesis of Sly Cooper and the entire Cooper Clan as a whole.

After his defeat at the hands of Sly, Clockwerk's body was rendered into pieces, which were then stolen by the KLAWW Gang and then put back together by Arpeggio to make himself immortal, only to be stolen by Neyla, who merged with Clockwerk's body herself and became Clock-La.

He was voiced by Ross Douglass.


Before becoming a robot, Clockwerk was a large, non-anthropomorphic owl with brown feathers and blood-red eyes. After his transformation, his entire body became mostly metal and his eyes were yellow without pupils.


Described by Sly often as a monster, he feels no remorse or any other emotion save anger and hate, which he believes is power. These emotions were able to be felt through a "Hate Chip" stored in his brain. Even though he believed the hate in the chip was what gave him his power it was probably burning energy installed in the chip that gave the feeling of these emotions and repaired and preserved his body for all time. Cruel, sadistic, and egomaniacal, he is also considered to be a serial killer, which isn't far from the truth since the evil owl sought to wipe out an entire family just to gain recognition as the ultimate thief. He seems to look down on concepts such as loyalty and empathy as evidenced by his commentary after Sly saved Carmelita at his fortress. He is known by some as "The Bane of The Cooper Clan."

Powers and Abilities

Avian Physiology: Before mechanizing himself, Clockwerk was a natural-born owl. After his transformation, Clockwerk's natural abilities increased to deadly degrees.

  • Flight: He had wings that enabled him to fly.
  • Talons: He had talons to catch his prey. Improvements allowed them to slice through steel.

Genius Intellect: Clockwerk was remarkably intelligent in life.

  • Mechanical Expert: He was skilled enough in technology that he was able to mechanize himself entirely. He also constructed his lair in the Karak-Karov Volcano and developed multiple weapons and vehicles for the Fiendish Five to use for their own personal schemes including hover vehicles and his death ray, as well as devising a gas chamber which he would later used to incapacitated Sly. In addition, he created a legion of mechanical birds called Robo-Falcons, similar to him, and hordes of lava slugs to do his bidding.
  • Master Strategist: He was able to think accordingly and execute cunning plans, assaulting and slaughtering Sly's father and being able to lure Sly into his gas chamber by manipulating his feelings for Carmelita.

Bionic Physiology: Clockwerk's biological body was at some point replaced with highly advanced technology of unknown origin.

  • Hatred & Envy Empowerment: Due to his Hate Chip, Clockwerk has kept himself for hundreds of years on a steady diet of jealousy and hate against the Cooper Clan's Thieving reputation.
    • Immortality: Due to the Hate Chip fueled by his own hatred and jealousy, Clockwerk was kept alive for hundreds of years. This also stopped Clockwerk's aging because of the Hate Chip prevents his robotic body from rusting or decaying.
  • Enhanced Durability & Endurance: Clockwerk was extremely resilient to damage, as simple weapons like Carmelita's shock pistol and jet pack missiles were individually ineffective against him. In addition, Clockwerk's body could survive being heavily damaged and submerged in molten lava.
    • Regenerative Durability: His mechanical body is able to repair itself after suffering incredible damage. This also allowed him to survive beyond his intended life span as a person.
  • Enhanced Strength: Clockwerk was strong enough to lift very heavy objects with his talons.
  • Bionic Weapons: Clockwerk is equipped with an arsenal of weapons, including missiles, flamethrowers, laser emitters, launchers that could fire electric rings, mechanical eggs that could launch minichoppers, and an energy weapon.
  • Propulsion: He prepared spare engines in the event Clockwerk was unable to use his wings to fly.
  • Hypnotic-Vision: Clockwerk's mechanical eyes can hypnotize his prey upon eye contact.




Clockwerk was born thousands of years ago as a Eurasian Eagle-owl (he may have been born in the Ice Age as Clockwerk was sighted there in Thieves in Time). No information is given of his family, real name, or early life.

What is known is that, at some point, he learned of the thieving Cooper Clan and was overcome with jealousy and hate for their great fame. Due to this burning hate, he vowed to wipe out the entire Cooper blood-line, but knew that he had live much longer than most to pull it off. To that end, he resorted to replacing his own mortal body with soulless machinery, effectively turning himself into a robot that was powered by his own hatred (how such advanced technology was acquired back then is still a mystery). He also installed a "Hate Chip" that would allow his mechanical frame to exist forever as long as his hatred remained.

After completing his transformation, Clockwerk went on to hunt down various members of the Cooper Clan throughout the ages, including Slytunkhamen I in Ancient Egypt, Rioichi in Feudal Japan, Tennessee Kid in the Wild West and Otto van Cooper in WW1 Europe. He also crossed paths with Henriette "One Eyed" Cooper and her pirate crew out at sea, using his hypnotic eyes to transfix most of the men aboard in his gaze, but Henrietta herself was unaffected because she only had one eye, allowing her to man the ship and escape. He used various tricks to gain the upper hand on the Coopers, such as using their compassion for others, but they always managed to thwart his efforts.

Modern Era

In more recent years, Clockwerk eventually realized that he could never destroy the Cooper clan on his own, so he sought out the most infamous criminals in the world to find his allies. These included the pirating machinist, Sir Raleigh, the hulking gangster, Muggshot, the vicious voodoo priestess, Mz. Ruby and the pyromaniacal demolitionist, Panda King. Together, they formed the Fiendish Five with Clockwerk as their leader.

Clockwerk in the opening cutscene of Sly Cooper and the Thevious Raccoonus.

Clockwerk then discovered the location of the current Cooper patriarch, Conner and his family. He and his cohorts ambushed them on the very night that his son, Sly was to inherit the Thievious Racoonus, an ancient book passed down the Cooper line to teach the newer generations of their ancestors' thieving techniques. Though Connor fought valiantly, the Fiendish Five overpowered him, with Clockwerk himself dealing the final blow to both him and his wife as their son watched helplessly from a closet. After slaying Sly's parents, they then ransacked the house until they found the Thievous Racoonus inside a safe behind a family portrait, much to Sly's horror. Upon which, each member tore out multiple pages from the book until all that remained was the binder. He also knew of Sly's existence, but rather than slay him as well and finally end the Cooper bloodline, Clockwerk chose to let him live, but only so that it would prove to the world that he, along with any future generations of his family, were nothing without their ancestral book to guide them.

After the raid, Clockwerk and his gang split up so that they could commit more villainy across the world. Clockwerk himself settling into the Krakarov Volcano in Russia as his secret base of operations. Their, he built a deadly fortress within the heart of the volcano where he developed several sinister inventions, such as robo-falcons and fire slugs to serve as his security forces. Keeping in tabs with his old team, he provided them with some of his creations, such as hover-blasters. For unknown reasons, he also designed a massive death-ray which bore his image. The authorities knew very little about him, as they only had a few unclear photos of him to go by.

However, this decision to let Sly live would come back to haunt him, as murdering his parents and taking his birthright did not break his spirit. At the orphanage Sly ended up, he met his best friends and future partners-in-crime, Bentley and Murray. Together, they formed their own team, the Cooper Gang, in order to take down the Fiendish Five and retrieve the pages of the Thievious Raccoonus.

Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus

The Cold Heart of Hate

After stealing files of the Fiendish Five from Interpol, as well as escaping Inspector Carmelita Fox (who Sly had feelings for), they began taking down the members one-by-one until Clockwerk himself remained, and Bentley was able to discover his location by studying the metal on the hover-blasters. On their way the volcano to face to murderer of his parents, Sly studied the photos from the pages he recovered from the Five and saw a large, shadowy owl-like figure that resembled police images of Clockwerk stalking his ancestors, making him suspicious. Carmelita Fox also made her way to the volcano via jet-pack to possibly catch both Clockwerk and the Cooper Gang, but ended up captured herself and used as bait for a trap he set for Sly, as he likely knew of the romantic feelings he had for her, but not before she stashed her jet-pack atop Clockwerk's death-ray.

With help from Otto Octavius' page in the Thievious Raccoonus, the Cooper Gang were able to build a turret atop their van, which they used to shoot their way into Clockwerk's lair and past his defenses, including his death-ray, until it was destroyed by Murray's carelessness. Murray did make up for it by getting through the next area by smashing up enough computers before the fire-slugs could, allowing them to access the control room for the death-ray.

After reaching the control room, Sly spotted Carmelita, who was being held prisoner in a gas-chamber. Knowing that he had to save her, Sly sneaked past Clockwerk's defenses and made his way into the chamber, but as soon as he did, the door snapped shut behind him, trapping him as well. Upon seeing him, Carmelita immediately assumed that he was the one who imprisoned her, to which Sly denied, and that's when Clockwerk sprung his trap, unleashing deadly gas to liquidate Sly's brain while mocking the Cooper Clan's compassionate ways. Luckily, Bentley hacked into Clockwerk's security mainframe and stopped the gas, thus saving Sly's life. He and Carmelita then decide to form a temporary alliance to defeat the evil owl once and for all. She even helped him retrieve his cane after it was taken by a robo-falcon by shooting at enemies and getting rid of obstacles with her shock pistol, and also allowed him to borrow her jet-pack.

A Strange Reunion

Clockwerk's battle with Sly.

After retrieving Carmelita's jet-pack from atop Clockwerk's death-ray before it sunk into the lava, Sly then finally confronted his parents' murderer face-to-face after so many years. The old bird stated how remarkable it was that Sly managed to escape his gas-champer as well as destroy his death-ray, just as his ancestors managed to foil him before. This statement allowed Sly to deduce that it truly was Clockwerk stalking his forefathers in the old photos in the Thievious Raccoonus and demanded to know exactly how old Clockwerk was, to which he replied, "perfection had no age". Sly asked if he was immortal, and Clockwerk explained that he has survived for centuries by feeding off his ages-long grudge against the Cooper Clan until he can finally eliminate them for good.

Soon after this conversation, their fight begins, with Clockwerk shooting atomic bullets at Sly as they both soared through the sky over a lake of magma where Clockwerk's lair once was. The missiles from Carmelita's jet-pack were normally ineffective against Clockwerk's metallic body, but the inspector helped out by using her shock-pistol to shoot gaps into his armor, allowing Sly to damage him significantly. After shooting out Clockwerk's right wing, this caused him to to spin out of control and land into the lava, though he was able rise up again by replacing his talons with jet-boosters.

Sly then questioned why Clockwerk allowed him to live on the night he killed his parents and stole the Thievious Raccoonus, which would have accomplished his goal of destroying the Cooper line. Clockwerk answered that it was to prove that the Coopers were nothing without their book, but he was rebuked by Sly, who believed that it was great thieves who created the Thievious Raccoonus and not the other way around. Angered by Sly's confidence and sentiment, Clockwerk ended their argument by stating that he will finish off Sly just as he did with his father, and once that is done, the Cooper Clan will finally be no more and he will be the only true master thief in the whole world.

Clockwerk begins attacking again by shooting off radioactive rings, which Sly dodges by going through them. Once again, Carmelita helps out by blasting weak spots into Clockwerk's armor. Then after shooting out his left wing, Clockwerk once again fell into the boiling lava before. Bentley warns Sly that Clockwerk's robotic body has a self-repair system and that he must quickly get to Clockwerk's head and destroy it to end the fight for good. Sly manages to make it past Clockwerk's defenses and land on his back, and the mechanical owl's head disconnects from the body with its own boosters to look at his foe one last time. Sly starts chipping away at Clockwerk's defenseless face with his cane, but then with his last breath, Clockwerk arrogantly shouts out that he is superior and that Sly will never be rid of him no matter what. In response, Sly knocks his head away completely into the lava, which stops the rest of his body from moving.

With Clockwerk defeated and the final page of the Thievious Raccoonus retrieved from his claw, Sly considered his parents avenged. He and his gang then make their exit from the volcano, leaving Clockwerk's remains literally in pieces floating in the lava. But as they leave, one of Clockwerk's eyes begins glowing with extreme hate, indicating that his feud with the Cooper Clan was not over yet.

Sly 2: Band of Thieves

2 years after Clockwerk's apparent death, the parts from his mechanical corpse were retrieved from the volcano and placed in the Museum of Natural History in Cairo, Egypt. Upon learning this, Sly and his gang set off to steal the parts, fearing that Clockwerk could somehow revive unless the parts were destroyed completely. However, the parts were taken beforehand by the KLAWW Gang to use in their various plans, forcing Sly to hunt them down one-by-one to retrieve the parts. This included the furious forger, Dimitri Lousteau, who used Clockwerk's tail-feathers as indestructible printing plates for his counterfeiting scheme, the tyrannical spice-trader, Rajan, who used the wings as a status symbol and the heart for increasing spice production, the hypnotist and corrupt jailer, Contessa, who used the eyes to increase her hypnotic abilities, and the rough transporter, Jean Bison, who used the lungs and stomach to endlessly power his trains and the talons for clearing out forests.

The KLAWW Gang's chief inventor and mastermind behind the heist, Arpeggio, however, had his own plan to put the Clockwerk frame back together so that he can merge with it and become immortal. So he had his protege and undercover agent at Interpol, Neyla, to use the Cooper Gang to steal the parts from the other gang members for him until he decided to let Neyla throw them all in prison so she could retrieve the parts by herself. He also planned to use the KLAWW Gang's individual expertises to force the people of Paris into a mad frenzy so that their collective hate can power the Hate Chip, thus ensuring his new immortality.

Despite having recovered most of the parts in the long-run, the Cooper Gang lost all of them to Jean Bison when he managed to capture them. He then sold all the parts to Arpeggio, allowing him to carry out his plan of rebuilding Clockwerk.

Anatomy for Disaster

Upon making his way onto Arpeggio's blimp, Sly attempted to keep Clockwerk from being reassembled by reversing the magnets holding him together, but this had the opposite effect and the parts were finally locked into place. After explaining his nefarious scheme to Cooper, Arpeggio then attempted to merge with Clockwerk like he planned, but was then betrayed by Neyla, who took the body for herself and murdered her former mentor. She then flew off with her new body, boldly proclaiming that "Clock-La" was born.

Clock-La then began stalking Arpeggio's blimp for the Cooper Gang, keeping herself aloft by drawing power from the engines. With little time before they reached Paris, the heroes worked fast to disable the engines in order to weaken her. Then just like before, Sly and Carmelita teamed up to take down the evil bird; this time with a helicopter. As Carmelita flew the chopper, Sly manned the turret to fire at Clock-La as she fired missiles and radioactive rings. After receiving enough damage, Clock-La crash-landed into the blimp's main engine, causing the entire base to fall apart. Enraged, she then discovers Bentley and Murray's secret hideout and grabs it with her talons, carrying it to who knows where.

Showdown with Clock-La

Sly makes his way to Clock-La by jumping on and off the blimp's falling debris. During this, she mentions the Hate Chip, which Bentley overhears. Upon Sly reaching Clock-La, she mentions that while she doesn't have immortality that the blimp was going to provide her, she does a feel a great power growing within her, which is likely the original Clockwerk's essence taking control. She then attempts to attack by firing her eye-lasers, but Sly avoids them and begins swatting her eyes, blinding her and causing her to spin out of control again onto an island in the River Seine.

The Cooper Gang prematurely celebrate their victory before Clock-La regains consciousness and begins reconstructing herself while summoning lasers for defense. Remembering the Hate Chip she mentioned before, Bentley deduces that they can truly win if they remove it. So Murray makes his way to Clock-La's beak and pries it open, revealing a hologram of Neyla's face professing her absolute hatred for the Cooper Gang, which matched Clockwerk's hatred for the Cooper Family. Bentley then used his bombs to blow out the lasers protecting her, which makes Neyla's face disappear, allowing him to remove the Hate Chip from Clockwerk's head. Bentley warns his friends that Clock-La will explode soon, but just before he can leave the mouth, the beak slams shut on him, crippling him permanently. Murray manages to open the beak again and carry him to safety before Clock-La blows into pieces again.

After the battle, Sly and his crew looked on as the Clockwerk parts remained undamaged from the resulting explosion. Carmelita appears and was angry about missing out on the fight, so Sly gives her the Hate Chip to take her anger out on. She then drops the chip to the ground and steps on it, crushing it into dust. Without the chip's power, time finally started to catch up with the ancient owl and the parts began disintegrating before the heroes' eyes, symbolizing that Clockwerk, along with Neyla, were finally vanquished for good.

Sly 3: Band of Thieves

While Clockwerk was truly deceased, the ramifications of the Cooper Gang's final battle with him would haunt them forever, as Bentley would never walk again after being paralyzed by the bird's beak. Murray ultimately blamed himself for not being strong enough to save him and left the team, eventually coming onto the tutelage of a mystical Guru in the Australian outback. However, Bentley made up for his handicap by building a hi-tech wheelchair that would actually provided better maneuverability than his legs ever did. And when they met again in Venice, Bentley made it clear that he did not blame Murray in the slightest for his current condition, and thus Murray was able to heal from his shame and rejoin the time.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Clockwerk spying on Sly's ancestors.

Clockwerk has been seen in many locations throughout time in Thieves in Time watching Sly. He first appears in Japan, watching Sly and Riochi from a building. He later appears in the Wild West, watching the battle between Tennessee Kid and Toothpick's soldiers. He returns again in the Ice Age, monitoring Bob and appears in Medieval times and ancient Arabia. Clockwerk also appears in Bentley's dream, where he confronts the things he fears.

In the present day, Sly finds Clockwerk's eye, which was not destroyed along with him, revealing that Clockwerk still exists and is not gone for good.



*laughter* You sentimental fool! Empathy has always been the downfall of the Cooper clan.
~ Clockwerk unleashing his gas weapon against Sly after taking Carmelita hostage.
Clockwerk: "Sly Cooper, you have escaped my gas chamber and destroyed my death ray. Remarkable. You Coopers always find a way to beat me."
Sly: "Always!? So that was you in the background of all those old pictures in Thievious Racoonus! How old are you!?"
Clockwerk: "Perfection has no age."
Sly: "What? You're immortal?"
Clockwerk: "Revenge is the prime ingredient in the Fountain of Youth. I've kept myself alive for hundreds of years with a steady diet of jealousy and hate, awaiting the day when I would finally eclipse your family's thieving reputation."
~ Clockwerk upon meeting Sly Cooper again
My skills are superior.
~ Clockwerk during battle.
My intellect is refined, my experience is greater.
~ Clockwerk during battle.
You're the weakest Cooper I've yet encountered.
~ Clockwerk during battle.
You cannot escape me, Cooper Raccoon.
~ Clockwerk during battle.
You can't dodge me forever.
~ Clockwerk during battle.
Sly: "I don't get it. You're so familiar with my family, you must have known my father had a son. If you hated the Coopers so much, why did you let me live when you stole the Thievius Racoonus?"
Clockwerk: "Because I wanted to show the world that without your precious book, the Cooper line was nothing."
Sly: "Ah, well, there's where your wrong. The Thievius Racoonus doesn't create great thieves... It takes great thieves to create the Thievius Racoonus."
Clockwerk: "Enough, Sly Cooper! It ends here. I'll finish you like I finished your father. Then, the Cooper line will be erased, and the only master thief will be... Clockwerk.
~ Sly and Clockwerk discussing their conflicting philosophies.
COOPER! You will never be rid of me! Clockwerk is... superior!
~ Clockwerk's final words.


  • The Clockwerk Brain is only seen in Sly Cooper and the Thevious Raccoonus but never retrieved.
  • The known Clockwerk parts previously in possession of the Klaww Gang are the Tail Feathers, Wings, Heart, Eyes, Lungs, Stomach, Talons, and Brain. Despite this, Arpeggio seems to have all the remaining pieces at the end of Sly 2, as these pieces alone couldn't create an actual owl (though it is said Arpeggio was only in possession of the Brain). Arpeggio did mention that Jean Bison got "The Lion's Share of the parts" and had previously sold a number of them to him for money, meaning that Jean Bison had all of the unseen parts.
  • Clockwerk managed to open one of his eyes at the end of the first game yet somehow, even after being restored, he never regained consciousness meaning he may have possibly just died.
  • In the final boss battle, Clockwerk seems to say "I am... been selling... Flowers... Never... reality... Belay... I will become... Feet together... I will live... Redirect Energy...", what this means is unknown; this is most likely Clockwerk rambling or his robot brain is giving out and produces errors in speech, but when Sly Cooper was destroying the head, he made a statement that he's superior without producing errors.