Clone Andy is the secondary antagonist in the first Advance Wars game. He is a clone of Orange Star's Andy created by Sturm to trick the other four Wars World nations into fighting each other, weakening them and allowing Black Hole to swoop in and dominate the Wars World.


Clone Andy was created at some point by Sturm. He led several attacks against the nations Blue Moon, Yellow Comet and Green Earth to provoke them into attacking Orange Star.

However, he is exposed by Yellow Comet's Head of Intelligence, Sonja, causing the other four Wars World nations to team up to stop Black Hole.

Clone Andy was eventually confronted and defeated by the real Andy. After Sturm's defeat, he later disappeared after Sturm's defeat. So far, Clone Andy's fate is unknown.


  • Clone Andy is similar to bio-noid Ryu from Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Shop of Doom.


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