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Clorinda is the secondary antagonist of theepisode "The Other Shoe" of the TV series Once Upon a Time . Clorinda is the daughter of Lady Tremaine and the stepsister of Cinderella, as well as biological sister of Tisbe.

She was portrayed by Mekenna Melvin.


The Price of Gold

Clorinda attends the ball with Tisbe and her mother.

The Other Shoe

As the Prince's footman, Jacob, arrives at the Tremaine estate to deliver an invitation to the Tremaine's, Clorinda and Tisbe run outside to retrieve it, pushing Ella out of the way to do so. Upon realizing that it is the Prince's footman, Clorinda mocks him for his lower status.

Later, Lady Tremaine and the girls are looking through dresses for the ball, but Lady Tremaine says they have nothing good to wear and she will have to sell porcelain to buy them something new. Ella asks if she may attend and shows them her dress, which belonged to her late mother. Lady Tremaine gives the dress to Clorinda, who throws it into the furnace and burns it. Ella begins to cry and Tisbe tells her not to, as they are just cinders. This prompts Clorinda to coin the name Cinderella for her.

At the Ball, Cinderella dances with the Prince but then sees him give a rose to Clorinda. However, Clorinda reveals that the rose was from Jacob and the two of them are in love. She also claims that her cruel deeds against Ella was just an act to please her mother. Cinderella gives her a key so that she and Jacob can escape Lady Tremaine and Jacob and Clorinda plan to meet. However, after being interrogated by Lady Tremaine, Cinderella reveals this to her and she interrupts Clorinda's meeting with Jacob and forces her to travel to the Land of Untold Stories with her.

Years later in Storybrooke, Clorinda, now extremely bitter towards Cinderella for her betrayal, and Lady Tremaine arrive. The two of them hold Cinderella at gunpoint, until Cinderella reveals that Jacob is in Storybrooke too. Lady Tremaine brings Jacob there with the intent of killing him, much to Clorinda's dismay. But instead she ends up stabbing Cinderella and Clorinda comes to her aid. After Lady Tremaine is defeated, Clorinda and Jacob reunite and she officially redeems herself.



  • She is based on the evil stepsisters from Cinderella, but her clothing and hairstyling has more in common with Drizella Tremaine, while her storyline has allusions to Anastasia Tremaine.


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