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The Closet is the secondary (anti-villain) antagonist of the webcartoon Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. He is a robot created by Ken to satisfy the demands of Barbie choosing clothes in her giant closet. However for some reason it has installed an evil mode so that when activated can imprison people and manipulate all his mansion creating traps. He also demonstrates an envy with Ken to the attention of Barbie.

He was voiced by Todd Resnick.

Villainous Roles

  • Closet Princess 2.0 - He acts as the antagonist of episode to imprison Barbie, Nikki and Teresa after she refused to change clothes. At the end of the episode it is revealed that he did so because he was enabled on evil mode.
  • The Upgradening - Closet demonstrates a jealous side against Ken about to sabotage his inventions to humiliate him in front of Barbie and her friends.
  • Trapped in the Dreamhouse - In this episode Closet is the main villain of the plot being most evil and neurotic than in previous episodes. He becomes antagonist after Raquelle reactivate his evil mode in order to make Barbie and her friends stay trapped again in the mansion, but Raquelle along the Barbie's sisters also become trapped in the mansion. Meanwhile Closet begins to create plans to dominate the world of fashion and tries to force Barbie to be his crime partner going to chase her throughout the mansion. He provokes Ken preventing he to entering in the mansion to rescue Barbie. At the end of the episode when Barbie disables the CPU of mansion Closet is destroyed along the entire mansion. Ken recreates the mansion and on demand of Barbie reactive Closet without the evil button.


  • He is a parody of HAL 9000.



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