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It is through my threads that all life is born. You must not tamper with destiny, Kratos. You will destroy everything.
~ Clotho

Clotho is the secondary antagonist in the video game; God of War II. She is the youngest of the Sisters of Fate and is also known as the Goddess of the Past.


After Clotho's older sisters Lahkesis and Atropos were killed by Kratos, Kratos eventually encounters Clotho.

Clotho warning Kratos about the consequences of his decisions.

She attempted to warn Kratos not to proceed onward, but Kratos ignored her warning completely. After Kratos killed all the creatures such as the Cyclops, minotaurs and so forth, he eventually entered the Loom Chamber and reaches the lower third of the Clotho. Kratos has to climb up three floor in order to reach Clotho's head.

Boss Battle

Kratos takes her body out in various stages while she attempted to hold him off with her multiple arms. When he reaches the top third, he brings forth a large, swinging, pendulum and he uses it by, impaling the Pendulum right into her skull, killing her.


Clotho is the largest of the Sisters of Fate. She has disgusting scaly blue flabby skin, and long white hair, but most notable things about her is her mulitple flabby arms, and multiple breasts.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Goddess, Clotho is immortal, meaning that she's immune by diseases, and that she can't die via old age. She pocesses superhuman strength, and endurance. Clotho also has multiple arms that she uses in combat. She also is the one who creates the Treads of Fate. It's clearly unknown if she has the power to control time as in the battle she only uses her arms even when close to death.



  • Clotho is by far the largest of the Sisters of Fate, as well as the youngest, which ironically Clotho is also quite ugly compared to most describe her in mythology.
  • Clotho is the only Sister of Fate to still be around physically after her death.
  • She's the only Sister of Fate that Kratos fights only once.
  • Clotho made Number 1 on Screwattack's Top 10 Ugly Chicks, in gaming.
  • Since Clotho is the Greek Goddess of the Past, and she creates the Treads of Fate, it'd make scenes that her design is based on a silkworm.
  • For some reason, Clotho never uses any time-related abilities, unlike her sisters. All she every uses is her multiple arms in combat.


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