Now, and it was I who defeated you, and I who will take your title, I, Lord Clouse.
~ Clouse about to banish Garmadon into the cursed realm, and replace him with cursed anacondrai.
One of these days, your son will have to stand on his own, without his dear father!!!!!
~ Clouse threatening Garmadon before their last fight.

Clouse is a recurring antagonist in the LEGO Ninjago franchise, serving as the secondary antagonist of Season 4: The Tournament of Elements, as a cameo antagonist in Season 5: Possession, and as a minor yet pivotal antagonist in Season 6: Skybound. He is Chen's former right-hand man and trusted advisor, and Garmadon's arch-nemesis. He is also the villainous deuteragonist of the non-canon Chen's Chair mini-film series, the main antagonist of both the canon one-time LEGOLAND show Ninjago: The Realm of Shadows and the graphic novel trilogy The Dark Island Triology (also canon).

He is voiced by Scott McNeil.


Clouse using dark magic.

Evil, sadistic, ruthless, manipulative, and power-hungry, as his only intentions are to rule Ninjago alongside Chen and his Anacondrai Cultists and kill Garmadon.

He is very treacherous due to his hatred with Garmadon, and his obsession with power and being able to rule the world through evil.

According to Garmadon, he follows Chen's ideas, as has been proven many times. After his master died, he began to act independently. He creates his own plans to conquer Ninjago whatever it costs.  



Clouse was Garmadon's rival. Both competed against each other frequently but this was furthered when Chen offered the title of Lord to whoever won in a fight. Clouse used his spells against Garmadon but the latter used Spinjitzu to overcome him and when Clouse complained about this, Chen replied Garmadon did what he had to do and was given the title of Lord. From that point on, Clouse nursed a full hatred towards Garmadon who became Chen's right-hand man. However, Garmadon would leave Chen's services to fight in the Serpentine War with his brother Wu. Clouse became Chen's second in command and aided the Serpentine but the Serpentine were defeated and as a result of siding with them Chen and Clouse were banished from the island, as Chen swore vengeance on Ninjago.

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

At first, he plotted with his master, Chen, to get all the elemental powers. So the elemental masters won't foil his plans, he always tried to be one step ahead. However, the elemental masters figured out the plans of Chen and Clouse, after Chen shouted at Lloyd for winning. The elemental masters and the ninjas all decided to win as well as him because Chen is the real cheater. Clouse suggested Chen to accept it so he can ruin the elemental master's alliance.

Chen told everyone about his staff and said that all powers but one will be lost, so the greatest warrior will be the final winner. To make it even better, Clouse made sure nobody knows about the spell Lloyd told about, so the alliance will be broken. Clouse then was magically informed about a kabuki soldier touching his spell book, and tried to be one step ahead of that spy.

He later found out it was Nya, and tried to capture her off with the cultists under his orders, so the elemental powers will be stolen before Skylor's. He later worried about Chen giving the elemental fighters weapons but was excited to hear that Chen had placed trackers on the weapons given to elemental master on his machine so Clouse and his subordinates could hunt them down.

He also saw Chen to go and use Skylor against her love Kai. Skylor didn't want Chen to harm Kai, so Kai plotted with her to spy after Chen and Clouse, and then break the staff. The plan was successful as Chen got disappointed of Skylor for betraying her own father. Clouse then suggested Chen to pretend to apologize to Skylor, but the plan didn't work as Chen would inform his daughter about his plan.

When Skylor ran away, Clouse used his dark magic in order to try to get rid of her once and for all. Clouse then drove the condrai copter in order to hunt Skylor down, but on the way he got distracted by Garmadon as he fell with him off the plane and started battling with him. Clouse told Garmadon that Lloyd will one day have to do without him. He then opened the Cursed Realm in order to get rid of his rival once and for all. Garmadon shouted that he is just cowardly letting spirits do his dirty work, and Clouse said he grew wiser in his years and that by the time he rules, his title will be Lord Clouse. However, Garmadon told him to take a rest of his lures, and the plant he held is thrown on Clouse and it strapped on him. Clouse himself got into the Cursed Realm, as closed.

Season 5: Possession

Clouse and Chen were placed in cells of the Cursed Realm, when Chen remarked that he saw Lloyd passing by Clouse (while secretly cutting his way out of his cell) told him he was seeing things again. When the Cursed Realm collapsed, it killed all the inhabitants within but Clouse managed to escape, leaving his former master to die.

Ninjago: Realm of Shadows

Master Chen had his chance to rule Ninjago! Now it's my turn!
~ Clouse

After Chen and his goons were gone, he finds himself in an unnamed ghost cave, where he awakens the shadow demons, and commands them to rule Ninjago, and plunge it to shadow and evil. After his minions succeed, he sacrifices Bandit the Dragon to release the shadow leader. However, the ninjas interfere and the cave collapses on him, but he survived.

Season 6: Skybound

He returns in the sixth season as he seeks to revenge the ninjas, however, surprisingly he has found Nadakhan in the Teapot of Tyrahn. He then wished for his book, however, the book was burned by the ninja. Wishing for mortality, he felt the pain of the process. Wishing his pain will stop, Nadakhan locked him inside the teapot. He was seen later to be inside with Sensei Wu. He was eventually imprisoned in the Underworld.



  • He is vaguely resembled to Tao Pai Pai from the original Dragon Ball series.


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