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Chlodovech "Clovis", also known as Patty Mae, is a major antagonist in Paradise P.D..

He is the leader of the Paradise Nuking Survivors, who swears to get revenge on Gerald Fitzgerald for turning him and his brethren into disfigured mutants. He was mutated from Karen Crawford's mayoral secretary, Patty Mae, who is a kind and heroic citizen, who would otherwise, never do such villainous things.

In his mutant form, he is voiced by Dana Snyder, who also voices Dusty, Hopson, and Thester. In her human form, she is voiced by Grey Griffin, who also voices Karen Crawford and Agatha Culpepper.


In "Operation: D.D.", Gerald Fitzgerald (who was under the control of his Kingpin persona), fired a nuclear bomb down on Paradise to cook it into a giant Chicago-style deep dish pizza and in the process, blew the whole town to smithereens and mutated several of its citizens, who weren't able to find shelter. One of these citizens was Patty Mae, who got horribly mutated into a giant, green, three-armed man, who didn't even resemble a trace of her former self. As this mutant, Patty Mae went by the name "Clovis" and led an entire group of Paradise Nuking Survivors in someday getting revenge on Gerald Fitzgerald for what he did to them.

Around three months after the incident, in "Top Cops", Karen made a public speech to all of Paradise, where she announced that she's be starting a Rebuild Paradise Initiative, to help reform Paradise back into its old self. Clovis was in the audience and asked what she did to punish Fitz, the bastard who mutated them in the first place. Karen, worried about what the mutants would do to her if she told them the truth about how she pardoned him, lied to them and said that he sent him to jail. This put Clovis and the mutants at ease, feeling as though their mission was complete.

Despite being happy about Fitz being in jail, Clovis and the other mutants were still being shunned by society. They were an oppressed race that was treated like a second class citizen and they were forced to live in the mutant ghetto, which was the area of town that underwent the worst damage from the nuclear explosion, now being a hazardous breeding ground for the mutants to lurk around in.

In "How the Cookie Crumbles", Dusty Marlow stupidly let it slip that Fitz was still alive, right when he was nearby the mutants, (in disguise as Steve Harvey). Clovis figured out that "Steve Harvey" was really Fitz and led the mutants in an attack on him but Dusty held them off by showing him some pizza, which triggered horrible memories of the tragic moment that turned them into mutants, which scared them and held them off so that Fitz could escape.

Upon finding out that Fitz was still alive, Clovis made an announcement to the other mutants, swearing revenge on him. Just then Agent Clappers came in and made himself the self-proclaimed new leader of the mutants, having been slightly mutated himself, he shared the same beef for Fitz. While Clovis was dead set on killing Fitz straight away, Clappers told him that he had a much better plan, to tear his life apart piece by piece and make him suffer, as this would be a fate worse than death. Clovis and the mutants liked this plan and made Clappers their new leader in getting revenge on Fitz.

In "Blind Drunk", Clovis was led by Agent Clappers in their mission in torturing Fitz. He got annoyed with his rapping and just wanted him to get to the point. The plan was to remodel Fitz's apartment, while he was sleeping to drive him crazy. They replaced all of his furniture with bigger versions of it but Fitz didn't seem to notice. They tried again and replaced his furniture with smaller versions of it but he didn't didn't even notice it. Lastly, they gave up and put all of Fitz's furniture back to normal and Fitz got freaked out because everything in his house was medium-sized.

In "The World According to LARP", Clovis and Eyeball Head provided backup singing for Agent Clappers, when he was going in disguise as Loquacious Pussyjuice to break up Fitz and Mother Dolphin.

In "Fetal Attraction", Clovis worked with Agent Clappers on his plan to trick Fitz into peeing in Pee Wee Herman's mouth. He was very upset when Agent Clappers betrayed his team and sacrificed himself instead, during his brief relapse in siding with Fitz.

In "What Happens in Twatemala", Fitz was under attack from a mysterous shooter with a melted face and thought it was Clovis, only to find out it was actually Carrot Top. Clovis did not actually appear in this episode.

In "PARAD-ISIS", Clovis forgave Clappers for betraying him but said that he was no longer going along with his plans anymore. From now on, Clovis was the leader again and he was sick of playing games. Now, he was going to mutate Fitz and force him to undergo the same issues he put him through. However, Fitz messed up the mutation machine and reversed the effects so that the mutants would undergo the torture. By doing so, he ended up de-mutating Clovis into his normal human self again, Patty Mae. After being turned back to normal, Clovis, now going by Patty Mae, forgave Fitz for his crimes and went back to her normal life again.



  • There was some foreshadowing that Clovis was actually Patty Mae before the big reveal:
    • Patty Mae's unexplained absence.
    • At the beach, Clovis was wearing a bikini, despite not needing to on account of being a male.
    • When "Loquacious Pussyjuice" was seducing the mother dolphin, Clovis was one again, in drag.


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