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Club (in Japanese: クラブ, Kurabu) is a minor antagonist in Fist of the North Star. He is one of Shin's top lieutenants.

He was voiced by the late Kōji Totani in the Japanese version of the anime, and Robert Martin Klein in the English dubbed version of the anime.


Club is first seen watching Shin execute two henchmen for failure alongside Diamond and Heart.

Later, somewhere in Southern Cross, Club fights in the arena, killing a villager. He then dares one villager to fight and let him go if he hits him for over a second. Club claws into the villager's shoulder whilst he touches his clawed hand. Angry, Club slashes his face off in three pieces.

As Club calls in his next opponents, Kenshiro appears taking out the henchmen. As Club believes his opponent has guts, Kenshiro knows he's loud as his bark, and begins the fight. However, Kenshiro uses the Goshi Retsu Dan to blow off Club's fingers, lessening his fighting ability.

Just as the madman tries to claw Kenshiro again, the Hokuto Shinken user kicks his face and knees him in the back, hitting him in the Meimon power point, which will pull at his muscles and crush his spine in one minute.

Kenshiro then interrogates Club who answers that Shin is living in his palace at the epicenter of Southern Cross. Realizing Club never showed mercy to any of the villagers he had killed, Kenshiro leaves him and Club dies with a crushed spine and his stomach bursting open. Shin observes his death from his castle.

In the anime, Club leads an army to Dorado City determined to avenge Spade and Diamond. He also fights villagers in caged fights as punishment for anyone trying to escape the city. His fight with Kenshiro is also a bit extended and the Meimon's effects take 30 seconds to kill him.

In Ten no Haoh, Club fights with Ryuga and Reina who are leading an assassination attempt on Shin. As Ryuga is about to kill him, Juza intervenes, making Club withdraw.

For Recollection of Heavy Metal, Club and Diamond were once heavy metal artists until the nuclear fallout.

Powers and Abilities

  • Club uses Tourou Ken with claws attached to his hands, slicing at his opponents.



  • His Japanese voice actor, the late Kōji Totani would later go on to voice villains such as Jagi, Han and Revolver Ocelot.


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