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Cluny the Scourge is the main antagonist of Redwall, the first novel published in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. He is also the main antagonist of season 1 of the Redwall TV series. He is an anthropomorphic rat warlord who seeks to conquer Redwall abbey.

In the TV series, he was voiced by Diego Matamoros, who also voiced Badrang the Tyrant in the same series.



Little is known about Cluny's early life. He is stated to be a Portuguese Rat, even though Portugal does not exist in the Redwall universe. He started out as a pirate. At some point, he also lost his eye to a pike before he managed to gather a large army of followers. He became infamous to the point that everyone in Redwall had heard his name before he attacked. However, many believed he did not exist.

In a TV series exclusive scene, Cluny and his army attacked Matthias's hometown. He killed everyone there barring Matthias and his sister and burned the town to the ground.


Cluny and his army arrived to conquer Redwall abbey. He decided to first attempt a parley, giving the Redwall citizens the chance to surrender and become enslaved. However, he was chased out by Constance the Badger.

Cluny was impressed and frightened by the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. He ordered one of his henchmen, Shadow, to infiltrate Redwall and steal the tapestry to demoralize the warriors. However, he was plagued by nightmares about being killed by a mouse in armor which resembled Martin. This made him irritable and paranoid.

He and his army attempted to climb a tree to scale over the walls of Redwall Abbey, but this failed and Cluny's leg was injured. He hired Sela and her son Chickenhound to heal him. He realized that they were going to sell his plans to Redwall so he tricked them and gave them fake plans. Afterwards, Cluny had the two of them killed (though Chickennhound survived).

He later tried other plans, such as tunneling under the walls. After all of his plans failed, he captured Plumpen the dormouse and threatened to kill his family if he didn't open the Redwall gates for him. (In the TV series, this plot was done twice, as the first attempt failed). He and his soldiers infiltrated and captured Redwall Abbey. He fatally wounded Abbot Mortimer with his poisonous tail. However, Matthias returned to Redwall, wearing the armor and Sword of Martin the Warrior, along with the sparra and Guosim Army. The two battled at the belltower, where Matthias sliced the rope holding the Jospeh Bell, which fell and crushed Cluny.


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