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The Clurichaun is a type of solitary fairy from Irish mythology associated with the more infamous Leprechaun, considered by many to either be a "cousin" or the night-time persona of the Leprechaun they are spirits associated with drink and as such are seen as perpetually drunk and troublesome.

The Clurichaun would haunt a cellar or any other place that had sufficient drink and go on drunken rampages, unlike Leprechauns the Clurichaun were surly creatures and enjoyed riding sheep and dogs at night : if treated well they could be convinced to guard wine cellars but if angered they would vandalize the offender's home and spoil their wine.

Even when acting as guardians the Clurichaun displayed the brutish, chaotic nature of most fairies - such as beating drunkards or servants that stole from the cellar : they would also follow any poor soul that tried to flee, usually via hiding in a casket.

The Clurichaun is either seen as an independent fairy or simply a guise a Leprechaun takes when he has finished his daily chores and decides to go on a drinking spree (perhaps inspired by stereotypes of Irish culture).

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