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Clutch is the villain of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series episode "Miss Guidance." He is a vicious bull dog (so much he'll intimidate anyone, especially Itchy, and even Sasha) who resides the junkyard, yet at the beginning, Charlie and Itchy manage to get the latter's bone from him, though it rains in the middle of their leaving. Though he is vicious, he is attracted to Charlie when he is cross-dressed, which is in order to distract him while Sasha tried to get science notes from the car of the mother of a girl named Alex who is in David's class.

Although he is vicious, Sasha bravely uses him for a boost while she pulls down a lever (which Charlie had pulled earlier to try to escape him earlier) in order to stop the crusher from crushing Alex's mother's car because Charlie was in it (at first to hide from him, but he then coincidentally finds Alex's notes, but can't get out) so that he won't get crushed himself.

For some unknown reason, Clutch is never seen or heard again.

His barking and growling effects are voiced by Frank Welker.

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