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Clyde Destro is a member of the original Red Hood Gang in the series Gotham, appearing in the episode "Red Hood". He is the second one to don the Red Hood identity. He is played by Jonny Coyne.


Clyde Destro started out as a baker in Gotham City who was denied many bank loans to help out with his failing business. He joined a group of robbers which became the Red Hood Gang in order to make money, and at the same time get revenge on the banks for turning him down. After fellow robber Gus Floyd conceived the Red Hood identity, Destro shot him and took on the identity. A witness identified Destro as one of the robbers, but James Gordon and Harvey Bullock decided to let him go to follow Destro in hope of catching the rest of the gang. Destro returned to his apartment, where robber Trope asked to don the Red Hood in hopes of proving to his girlfriend he isn't a loser. Destro refused and was shot and critically injured. Trope stole the hood and made off just as Gordon and Bullock arrived.


  • Although not stated in the show whether or not Destro survived his gunshot wound, the TV Show's tie-in website Gotham Chronicle reveals he is in custody.


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