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The Coach (pacifically known as Coach) is the primary antagonist in Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure. In the game, he can be unlocked as a playable character.

He is first seen in his office at the beginning of the story mode version of the game and then he comes out to meet Björn and Jerome in the gym. He claims that one of them lost gold and it will not happen again.

He then wants both Björn and Jerome to move around and get a dodgeball very quickly. Thankfully the two won the game and when he sees Björn falling in love with Heidi Starbrow as she comes into the gym out of nowhere along with with her parter, he begins to try and tell him that she cost them last year's cup, but Björn knows and says that she is perfect. The coach simply states that she is never been in a better shape.

After Heidi and her partner get captured by the devil, the coach reveals to Jerome that it means that they win tonight and if both him and Björn are not back, he'll accept the trophy, which leads them on their adventure to save Heidi and her partner.

Near the end of the story mode version of the game after both Björn and Jerome battled the devil, the coach comes to the devil's hell while realizing that Björn and Jerome couldn't just attempted the trophy.

He then punches the devil in the face in anger and tells Björn and Jerome that they had to get all 'honorable' and 'sportsmanlike'. He grabs the devil's staff and becomes both an Evil Coach and the Mega Coach (similar to the Ice King from Adventure Time). After being defeated by our heroes both times, the coach's pride and the whistle started disappearing like magic and Björn feels betrayed along with Jerome as he fires him, much to the coach's defeat which causes him to disappear like magic and be gone forever.


  • The coach's second true form of Mega Coach bears a physical similarity to the Ice King from Adventure Time.