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Coach Bix is the main antagonist of the Henry Danger episode, Too Much Game. He was Henry, Jasper, Oliver, and Sidney's basketball coach. He was fired after he kidnapped Shawn dog and have him help his Basketball team get to the state championship.

Role in Episode

When Coach Bix is introduced, he tells his team that they were all a bunch of losers and he had a new player on their team. His name was Shawn Corbit, but right when he comes in, the entire team began to think he was an adult. But then, Shawn says that he was 14 when he looked down at an index card. Henry, who was on the team, tells the coach that Shawn looked older than 14 by a lot. The coach then kicks Henry off the team because Shawn would play point guard and Henry played point guard, but the coach says that Henry and Shawn could play one-on-one and the winner would be on the team.

Later that day, Henry went down to the Man-Cave. After Schowz fixed the damage in the Man-Cave that happened earlier, he gave Henry some clothes that would help him make be a better basketball player.

The next day at the basketball game, Henry wears his basketball clothes Schowz gave him earlier, but it didn't matter because Shawn blocked all of his shots. Shawn ends up winning 32-0, and after the game, Shawn reveals to Henry that he was right; Shawn was 26 years old and he worked at Master Prize Rent-A-Car. The coach had went to rent a car, but then asked if Shawn would play for Swellview's basketball team. Shawn had said no, but the coach had kidnapped Shawn's cockapoo and would only return it to him if he gave Swellview Junior High the state championship. Henry tells Ray and this makes him angry. He transforms to his Captain Man costume and goes to the coach's house. He takes the cockapoo and returns it to Shawn and also makes the coach go in the cage.


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