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Coach Brunt is one of the four main antagonists (alongside Professor Maelstrom, Countess Cleo and Dr. Saira Bellum) of the Netflix 2019 series Carmen Sandiego.

She was voiced by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.



Nothing is actually known about Brunt's past except that before the events of Carmen Sandiego, Brunt sometime joined V.I.L.E., eventually working her way up to the top to join the Faculty.

Some years ago, Brunt (alongside with her fellow Faculty members), dispatched a young Shadowsan into spy on and assassinate (if necessary) Dexter Wolfe, their fellow faculty member, after discovering him going off the grid longer than normal and moving V.I.L.E. assets into personal Swiss bank accounts. however, Shadowsan failed in his mission, due to the Interpol interference and a young agent shooting Wolfe dead by a young chief, and instead brought back Wolfe's baby daughter (who would later grow up to be Black Sheep and Carmen Sandiego).

After the incident in Morocco, Brunt guilt tripped Black Sheep into being sorry, hoping it would make her more complacent to V.I.L.E. for her remedial year.

Back when Carmen was growing up on V.I.L.E. Isle, Coach Brunt was the closest thing she had to a mother figure. Among The Faculty members of V.I.L.E., Coach Brunt remained Carmen's staunchest protector and advocate, until the latter's departure from V.I.L.E. Isle where she would escape after seeing in disgust where it turns out V.I.L.E. is willing to kill people and devotes herself into bringing them down.

Following the hard-drive incedent, Brunt checked to make sure that all students were in their bunks and later, along with Professor Maelstrom, discovered Cookie tied up in the closet.

After Carmen's departure and escapades, Brunt felt betrayed, as Carmen had abandoned their "family".

Season 1

TBAWhen Professor Maelstrom was explaining his proposal to steal the Magna Carta, Brunt had no idea what he was talking about, until he compared it to the Declaration of Independence.

When Shadowsan recommended sending Tigress to San Francisco to retreve the $10,000,000 stamp from Mime Bomb, Coach Brunt thought Tigress was not a good choice, due to her defeat by Carmen in Indonesia, so she sent the Cleaners on ahead, just in case. She later bragged about this when Tigress ended up failing the mission and had to be retrieved by the Cleaners.

Brunt and Shadowsan later traveled to Poitiers, France to confront Chase Devenaux, who they suspected was Carmen's partner in crime. They kidnapped him and tried questioning him about Carmen and A.C.M.E.. When he refused to cooperate, they put a brain scrambling helmet on him that would force the truth out of him.

When they saw Carmen through the window, Shadowsan ordered her to continue the interogation while he pursued, but Brunt decided that he was not the boss of her and decided to pursue Carmen as well.

She lost sight of "Ol' Stone Face", but found Carmen. The coach pursued The Crimson Ghost to an alleyway, only to discover that it was actually Zack in a Carmen costume.

Brunt rushed back to find the real Carmen helping Devenaux. Brunt seals the exit and claims that she doesn't approve of the law abiding company that Carmen has been keeping.

Carmen attempted to beat Brunt and escape with Devenaux, only to be stopped by a violent retailation from the Coach.

She offered Carmen a chance to return nicely. After Carmen refused, Brunt attempted to bear hug her to death, officially moving on from caring about her, but before she could squeeze tight enough, Shadowsan used a nerve pinch knock her out.

By the time she woke up, Carmen and Shadowsan were gone, and she called the Cleaners for a pick up.

Season 2

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Season 3

Due to there V.I.L.E. Island being destroyed, Coach Brunt (alongside Professor Maelstrom, Countess Cleo, and Dr. Sarah Bellum) were relocated and went to live in a castle Scotland.

Season 4

In "The V.I.L.E. History Caper", She teams up with Professor Maelstrom to investigate on the History of V.I.L.E.

In "The Dark Red Caper", Brunt tells Carmen that she and the faculty members don't know what happened to her mother. later she (along with the rest of the Faculty and Roundabout), Including Tigress and Mime Bomb gets arrested and sent to Prison for there crimes.

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