The Coachman's Minions are minor antagonists of Disney's 1940 film Pinocchio. They are the hellish residents of Pleasure Island who appear as the Coachman's henchmen.



While the boys enjoy themselves in the fairground area of the Island, the Coachman cracks his whip as he orders his minions to shut and lock the doors to prevent the boys from escaping. The Coachman then orders his minions to prepare crates. They were next seen loading boys that were transformed into donkeys into these crates, under the Coachman's watchful eye as the donkeys get sold as labor.

The Coachman's minions appear to be black ape-like creatures with glowing yellow eyes. However, their appearance is not completely revealed since it is unknown if they are actual black creatures, or if they were real humans wearing dark costumes.


In the film, it is unknown what happened to the Coachman's minions since they do not get defeated, much like the Coachman himself, as well as Stromboli, Honest John and Gideon.

In the Pinocchio Super NES videogame, they were trying to prevent Pinocchio from fleeing but they got defeated by Pinocchio destroying them like whirling at the end of the song I've Got No Strings.


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