Cobgoblin (Morokoshin in Japan) is just one of many food monsters made by Nightmare Enterprises who appears in the episode "A Recipe for Disaster" of the television series Kirby: Right Back At Ya!. He only has two real special abilities. His first special ability is grabbing opponents with his tendrils and then rapidly spinning and shooting kernels into their mouths, which can explode and send them bouncing around. His other special ability is the fact that his corn can be cooked into popcorn. This makes him quite tasty as popcorn, as Cook Kirby found out. Cobgoblin's other technique is just slapping opponents silly, but then again, Cobgoblin isn't too dangerous to his opponents. He was sent to help take care of a Gijira Extract-influenced Kirby for King Dedede. Kirby was fooled by the fact that Cobgoblin was shaped like corn on the cob, which gave Cobgoblin a perfect chance to give him quite a beating. Luckily, the kids and Chef Kawasaki were there to help by tossing him his frying pan, which allowed Kirby to become Cook Kirby. Cook Kirby then easily destroyed Cobgoblin, knocking off all of the corn on his body, which Kirby then cooked into popcorn that soon completely covered everything within the studio.


Cobgoblin is a maize-like monster. He is shaped like a corncob covered in pale yellowish-white (and several brown) kernels. He wears a dark pink headband and has ovile green tendrils that fall limp above his head. He has green arms, gray feet, and wears white gloves. The tendril-like husk on his head is also capable of stretching to grasp its enemies.


  • Cobgoblin's name almost sounds like a magical creature's name called the hobgoblin.
  • His Japanese name, Morokoshin, comes from Morokoshi, which is Japanese for "corn".
  • He is one of the few monsters that do not explode when defeated, along with Kung Fu Lee, Tornadon, Honker Stomper, Whippy, and others.
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