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Villain Overview

Attention, citizens! Due to the financial irresponsibility and incompetence of your leaders, COBRA has found it necessary to restructure your nation's economy. We have begun by eliminating the worthless green paper, which your government has deceived you into believing is valuable. COBRA will come to your rescue and, out of the ashes, will arise a NEW ORDER!
~ Cobra Commander to the world in "Money to Burn", from the original cartoon.
Long live COBRA, the greatest!
~ Cobra Commander in the G.I. Joe arcade game.
And this is how I win the world. This juncture, of course, is usually where the wheels come off, but not this time. Cutting the traitor, Major Bludd's heart in half right in front of you, right here in this room, should have gotten the point across. It suited me once to appear weak and cowardly, because it motivated you people to think! But today... is a new day. There will be no move to take over my command. There will be no mistakes. There will be none of your crap! NONE OF IT! Work with me, and I'll give you the world in less than twenty-four hours. Work against me, and I will gut you like a fish. Right here.
~ Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Resolute.

Cobra Commander is the main antagonist of the G.I. Joe franchise.

He is the ruthless founder and leader of COBRA. He is known to have deliberately started political and social conflict in a number of areas around the world while fighting against the heroic G.I. Joe team. He has amassed an army by recruiting displaced people, promising them money, power and a chance to get back at the world that hurt them. In return, he demands that they swear absolute loyalty to his cause, which is none other than worldwide domination.


In the original 1980s G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero animated series, he's the main antagonist in the first season and a secondary antagonist in the second season, and a minor neutral antagonist in G.I. Joe: The Movie. In the controversial 1989 DiC sequel series, he's reducing as the main antagonist.


Brutal, power-hungry, and spiteful, Cobra Commander only has his eyes on world domination. Cobra Commander is also of high intellect and interest in working in the front lines of his own schemes, although his calm and sly persona is often shed when he is upset, with his rage being notably nightmarish.


Sunbow series

In the classic original G.I. Joe cartoon series, Cobra Commander is the main antagonist in the first season. Using his organization, Cobra Commander attempts time and again to try and take over the world in a variety of ways, such as trying to force his own currency on people and creating his own TV station to brainwash the world. However, unlike the version described above, Cobra Commander is more like the Filmation Skeletor and the G1 Megatron: he's extremely immature, childish and cowardly, prone to throwing infantile tantrums at his failures, and leaving his henchmen behind in the midst of battle. His failures finally drove Dr. Mindbender to create Serpentor, thus reducing Cobra Commander as a secondary antagonist in the second season.

In G.I. Joe the Movie, the truth about Cobra Commander's origin is revealed: Cobra Commander was a nobleman from the hidden city of Cobra-La, whose face sprouted extra eyes after a lab accident. Sensing the anger in the young man, Golobulus, the ruler of Cobra-La, used him to create the COBRA organization, but grew angry over Cobra Commander's failures. During the movie, Cobra Commander was devolved in a snake, and was kept as a pet by Serpentor.

But in the DiC cartoon series, the Baroness, wanting revenge on Destro and Serpentor, restored him to a semi-human form, and outfitted him with a special battle armor. Taking back his place as leader of COBRA, and as the main antagonist of the series, Cobra Commander continued with his semi-comical plans to take over the world, only to be foiled by G.I. Joe.

Cobra Commander made a guest appearance as the secondary antagonist in G1 Transformers Season 3 episode "Only Human", as a retired terrorist undergoing the name "Old Snake" & working for criminals alike. Set in the year 2006 after the events of the classic G.I. Joe cartoon in the Transformers universe, a retired Cobra Commander was hired by crime lord Victor Drath to help him learn the secret of the synthoid technology to use it against the Autobots. After successfully luring them into a trap, the Commander had the consciousness of Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Arcee & Springer transferred into human bodies while obtaining the Autobots' robot bodies. Victor Drath then plans to destroy the Autobots' robot bodies but he was advised by the Commander not to as they have a useful weapon system. Eventually, the Autobots have regained their robot bodies & Drath & his gang were arrested. Cobra Commander had somehow manages to avoid capture offscreen. He then watches Drath & his gang get hauled away as he walks in the sunset. He mused himself by stating they "don't make terrorist like they used to be" & then shouting the old C.O.B.R.A. battle cry, only to end up coughing.

Sigma 6

In G.I. Joe: Sigma 6, Cobra Commander's profile has been modified, stating that he considers himself a warrior king. This rendition of the character possesses snake-like eyes as well as full battle armor. He wears a helmet that resembles a snake's head and covers his face with a hood. The snake staff he carries contains a number of hidden weapons systems. The Commander was voiced by Marc Thompson.

G.I. Joe: Resolute

Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe: Resolute.

As the main antagonist of this series, this Cobra Commander is a much more ruthless incarnation rather than the other weak, childlike, or cowardly versions of his past. It has been several years since Cobra's last amount of activity, and the Joe's have their work cut out for them. However, that all changes when the Commander himself addresses the assembled UN delegates via hologram with an ultimatum to give control of all their nations to him or have them be destroyed one by one using Cobra's newest and deadliest weapon, the Space Laser Particle Beam. He gave them twenty four hours to comply.

Naturally, GI Joe acted quickly, but the Commander had been expecting this and retaliated by crippling their battleship with most of their commanders on it. He then assembled his men in one room and addressed them, telling them he is not the coward of a man he used to be, that whoever thought they were man enough to challenge him would be cut down in this very throne room, and that his plan is completely fool proof. But still the Joes managed to destroy the previously decommissioned Siberia base that housed the laser and destroy the satellite jamming system. But, it was discovered that CC still had another cannon housed in his base of Springfield, and destroyed the Joe battleship once and for all. The Joes then took the fight to the Commander, and attacked him head on. Battling their way through the hordes of Vipers, Duke managed to make his way to the control room, but was mocked by a sheltered Commander.

Cobra Commander had sealed himself in a bunker that is completely bulletproof and bombproof with its own food supply, life support system, and power generator. He taunts Duke that the system is set on Washington DC and there is no way to stop it. Duke then shoots the lock on the door, and retorts to a cackling Commander that it was to keep him inside his protective bunker. When the Commander glances to the monitor, he notices that it now has it's target as Springfield. The Commander spends his last moments pounding on the door of his bunker and cursing GI Joe. However, after the explosion, Cobra Commander is absent from the bunker.

Live-action series

Main article: Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe Film Series)


  • In the GI Joe: A Real American Hero animated series he was voiced by Chris Latta, who is also known for voicing Starscream in the G1 Transformers cartoon.
  • In Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles, he was voiced by Scott McNeil.
  • In Spy Troops and Valor vs. Venom, he was voiced by .
  • In Sigma 6, he was voiced by Marc Thompson.
  • In GI Joe: Resolute and GI Joe: Renegades, he was voiced by Charlie Adler.



You still see us as villains in a Saturday morning cartoon. I understand that Tomax and Xamot had you engaged in all manner of mayhem. They found ways to create as much carnage as possible while maintaining a legitimate business. That's their temperament. You'll find it's NOT mine. The key to success is to consider every possible road toward it, and let nothing—not morality, law, or personal preference—influence your choice of the best one. You'll be surprised by how often that road is not a violent one.
~ Cobra Commander

G.I. Joe Resolute

Good morning. I use the name "Cobra Commander" and I am the founder of COBRA, an organization you "great" and "glorious" people tend to dismiss as criminals. I have always believed that money brings power. This was an error that has caused me a lot of pain. It recently occurred to me however that if I had all the power, then everyone would bring me all the money. I therefore make the following proposition; you have twenty-four hours to turn control of your nations over to me, or I begin killing nations until such time as you hand over the keys. Now, obviously, no ones going to believe me... and all of you will attempt to mobilize against me... and so, I illustrate my point... you have twenty-four hours.
~ Cobra Commander right before vaporizing Moscow.


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