Cobra Man Shocker Kaijin

Cobra Man - A cobra monster. Extendo cobra arm can be utilized. The same arm contains fangs that disperse poisonous gas. [ironically, the fangs are knocked out by a guard dog]. Can travel underground after creating a whirlwind. Defeated by Kamen Rider #1's Rider Kick.

Remodeled Cobra Man

He is later revived as Remodeled Cobra Man with the added ability of breathing fire before being destroyed by Kamen Rider #1's Rider Reversal. He was later resurrected by Shocker as part of the Revived Kaijin Army before being destroyed by Tokageron's special bomb.


In the original manga, Cobra Man had a girlfriend called Medusa the Snake Woman whose real name is Myoko.

The First

In the remake movie, Kamen Rider The First, Cobra Man is simply known as Cobra, the brainwashed state of Haruhiko Mitamura, he is a special class soldier assigned to Bat's squadron, and later works independently alongside his romantic interest, Snake (formerly known as Miyoko Harada). He is mortally wounded by Kamen Rider 1's Rider Kick and dies while holding Snake's lifeless body in his arms.

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