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Cock Knocker

Thought I'd never find your precious Blunt Cave, did you Hemp Knight? But now, you and your sidekick are finally in the grasp... of COCK KNOCKER!
~ Cock Knocker
Actually, there's a funny story behind that. Ha, ha, you're gonna love this. True story...!
~ Cock Knocker before he punches Jay in the crotch.

Cock Knocker is an antagonist in the Bluntman and Chronic comic books and appears in the 2001 comedy movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

He was portrayed by Mark Hamill.

Powers and Abilities

He has an extremely large right hand and it is used to punch men in their genitals. He does this to Jay in the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back film.



He only appears twice in the comics. First as a henchman, and then as a main villain. His main plan is to punch every man in the private area before he dies but can't seem to punch Chronic in the crotch. He repeatedly punched Bluntman's testicles.


He is portrayed by Mark Hamill and he has a fight scene with Jay and Silent Bob until he gets his hand cut off (a parody of Luke Skywalker's fight with Darth Vader).