Cockroaches 1975

The Cockroaches

The Cockroaches (also known as Bugs) are the titular main antagonists of the 1975 horror film Bug.


An earthquake occurred in the first scene of the movie. A large number of ancient cockroaches from the earth, with the ability to set fires, were released by the destructive earthquake. This talent was dramatically revealed to the public after a few of the bugs had crawled into a vehicle's tailpipe and caused explosions, which led to chaos in a small and peaceful town. However, most of the bugs died soon after emerging because they could not survive in the low air pressure on the Earth's surface.

When first observing the deceased bug, Professor James Parmiter, an animal-loving local biology professor, identified those little creatures coming from underground as mutant cockroaches. The cockroaches are highly rational and intelligent, so they could barely move, but spread to each corner of the town, by hitchhiking.

Arson's events continued haunting people in the small town. The first accident happened to Norma, the sister of Tom, who first brought the roaches to Professor Parmiter. Norma was then taken into the hospital after her right ear was seriously burnt and bit by a cockroach (that was resting on the phone) while she was trying to pick up a phone call. Then came with the second case; Professor Parmiter's dear and thoughtful wife, Carrie was burnt to death because a cockroach crawled into her hair and set a fire. Professor Parmiter's life went dark afterwards, and he began to have certain, weird, spiritual, and transcendent connections with the cockroaches. He isolated himself from the outside world, with a pressure tank built by Tom for experiments. He observed, fed raw meat, bred, and ran tests on the cockroaches. Basically, the cockroaches were his only company for days and nights. Dr. Parmiter only successfully bred a whole new species, crossing a female fire cockroach with a male American cockroach (and witnessed the offspring killing their mother), but also discovered their highly formal organization and intelligence. They obeyed strict rules when they were feeding. Moreover, they spelled "we live" on the wall after knowing that Professor Parmiter tried to kill them. During this very long time being companied by the cockroaches, tragic things kept happening to Professor Parmiter. The roaches attempted to feed on him in the middle of night, and he was mentally shocked after seeing Sylvia tragically died because the cockroaches spread from his house and killed her. One night later, Professor Parmiter fought against super-offspring cockroaches and fell into the big cleft caused by the earthquake in the first place. Professor Parmiter and his cockroaches were eventually buried underground together for good.




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