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Jean-Claude, take these wretched dust mops away! I WILL NOT HAVE THEM RUINING MY WEDDING DAY! And don't forget the big mouth, too.
~ Coco LaBouche ordering Jean-Claude to lock up Angelica Pickles and the babies during her wedding with Chas Finster.

Coco LaBouche is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon's 5th animated feature film Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, the second film based on the Rugrats animated series.

She's the child-hating, vituperative and opprobrious head of EuroReptarland who wishes to be head of the company, but must learn to love children first, in which she lies by saying that she's engaged. She tries to get Chas Finster to love and marry her just so she can get promoted, which leads her to become Chuckie's arch-nemesis.

She was voiced by Susan Sarandon, who also played Queen Narissa in Enchanted.


Dismissed? But... no one fires Coco LaBouche! Coco LaBouche fires OTHERS! Coco LaBouche is EURO-REPTAR!
~ Coco showing her temper after being fired for her cruel actions.

Coco LaBouche is best described as a cruel, selfish, arrogant, diabolical, greedy, manipulative, cold-hearted and extremely short-tempered woman. She despises children and constantly lies and screams to get whatever she wants. Coco is extremely abusive and cruel to her employees, such as to her right-hand man Jean-Claude and to her assistant Kira. She constantly insults Jean-Claude and treats Kira even worse, such as demanding her to throw away Chuckie's precious teddy bear. She's also extremely seductive, coquettish and provocative, since she was able to seduce Chas quite easily, but quickly shows her true disgusting colors when Chas' back is turned. She’s also backstabbing in nature, as shown when she offered Angelica a ton of promises in exchange of her help to win Chas, only to go double-cross Angelica by having her locked up with the babies as well. All and all, Coco's supreme confidence and huge ego eventually leads straight to her well-deserved comeuppance.


Coco LaBouche has short brownish-red hair, She has eyeshadow in different colors in scenes (brown, pink or dark green). In her first appearance, she wore a purple suit, in her second appearance, she wears an orange cardigan and green dress, in the third one, in a sushi restaurant, she wears a pink dress and hat, fourthly, she wears a purple dress and hat, in her fifth appearance, she wears a green dress. During her sixth appearance, she disguises herself as the princess of Japan from the Reptar musical while wearing a yellow kimono. Before her wedding and seventh appearance, she wears a pink bathrobe and a pink towel on her head. And finally, she wears a white wedding dress with peacock feathers and her hair is dyed purple during her last appearance. When Angelica steps on Coco's train to her wedding dress it rips, revealing underneath she wore purple underwear with yellow polka dots, fishnet stockings and garters.


Coco LaBouche runs the amusement park EuroReptarland, a Japanese theme park located in Paris, France. She's first seen screaming at her workers to start the Reptar show. After Reptar's robotic head falls off after causing him to short-circuit, an angry Coco angrily yells at her secretary Kira Watanabe to bring Stu Pickles (as he was the one who provided the schematics to create the mecha) in EuroReptarland within twenty-four hours. As Coco arrives with her assistant Jean-Claude, she finds the Rugrats playing in her office and is angry that Tommy ruined her collection of koi fishes, so she sends Jean-Claude to call in Kira, who calmly escorts the children away from the office. Coco sits in her office and watches Stu arrive before demanding him to fix the Reptar mecha.

Later on, Coco has a video call with her boss Mr. Yamaguchi, who plans to step down as President of Yamaguchi Industries (the main sponsor of EuroReptarland). A delighted Coco decides to step in as Yamaguchi's successor, but he tells her that she's one of the many people being considered for the job and that his true successor has to love children since they're the target audience for the Reptar franchise. Not wanting to lose her chance, Coco lies to him by claiming to be engaged to a man with a child of his own, but Mr. Yamaguchi tells her that they'll talk about the promotion after the wedding occurs, much to Coco's dismay. Unknown to Yamaguchi, Coco hates kids in general (as pointed out by Jean-Claude) just as she discovers Stu's niece Angelica Pickles hiding in her office under her desk eating all of her chocolates. An angry Coco attempts to have Angelica locked up in jail, but Angelica, having overheard everything and wanting to avoid Coco's wrath, admits that Stu's best friend Chas Finster is looking for a woman to date in hopes of getting a loving stepmother for his son Chuckie. Upon hearing this, Coco is delighted and offers a deal to Angelica, saying that she'll help her into impressing Chas and in return, Angelica will become the flower girl for the wedding and have her very own float and ponies in the parade, even providing ice cream for Angelica to make sure she holds up her end of the deal.

Meeting up with Chas during dinner with the Pickles and their closest friends, Coco (with the help of a reluctant Kira) woos him for the next several days. However, she has trouble trying to earn the affection from Chuckie as he doesn't like her, but later learns from Angelica that Chuckie is enchanted with the princess character of the Reptar franchise and that he wishes her to be his new mommy. Taking delight in this, Coco happily performs the role of the princess when Chas and Chuckie attended the show before revealing herself to them, earning an outstanding ovation from the audience. Although Chuckie is dismayed that Coco is playing the princess that she tries to steal his teddy bear, Chas is extremely thrilled by this and decides to marry Coco. The other families are quite shocked by this, but Coco happily takes this as a sign of fortune, knowing now that she's close to earning her promotion.

Several days later, the wedding is being prepared at the Cathedral of Notre Dame. As Coco is getting ready for the wedding, she's disgusted to see the babies who are eating the leftover foods under a cart in the hallway. Noticing Chuckie holding his teddy bear Wawa, Coco grabs it out of his hands, causing the babies to collide the stand which accidentally break a vase before it nearly falls on top of Dil, which Tommy save his brother. Have enough of the babies' antics, Coco orders Jean-Claude to lock them away inside the warehouse until the wedding is over, even betraying Angelica by having her locked up with them, revealing that she never intended to give Angelica a float or ponies for the matter. This act was witnessed by a horrified Kira, who's then ordered by Coco to destroy Wawa after Jean-Claude escort the babies to the warehouse. Kira feels sorry for the children and sadly hugs Chuckie's teddy bear. On their way to the church, Kira furiously confronts Coco for deceiving Chas and vows to tell him the truth for what she have done to the innocent children. However, Coco fires her on the spot and kicks her out of the limo before driving away. Once arriving at Notre Dame, Coco marches forward, but signals the singer to stop and starts the wedding ceremony.

Inside the warehouse where the babies are being held captive by Jean-Claude, a depressed Chuckie cries over the fact that Coco is about to become his stepmother who'll mistreat him and his friends, which drove an ashamed Angelica to comfort him, admit her involvement behind Coco's plan and apologizes for it to the babies. Deciding to take matters into their own hands, Chuckie rallies up his friends to help him stop the wedding. The babies sneak inside the giant robotic Reptar and use it to escape the warehouse and rush to the cathedral. Unfortunately, Jean Claude sees them and boards the giant Robosnail to stop the babies.

During the wedding, Chuckie has enough time to arrive because Chas spends a long time reciting what his favorite poem until Coco intercepts a phone call for Jean-Claude that the babies had escaped and they're on their way to the Notre Dame. Coco berates Jean-Claude for this, but inadvertently nearly revealing her plans out loud in front of everyone, who are bewildered by this before she makes a pathetic excuse and continues the wedding.

The pandemonium breaks out in Paris as the babies make their way to the cathedral, including being swing around mid-air by Robosnail and rocketing up the side of the Eiffel Tower. Eventually, Chuckie manages to defeat Robosnail by pulling on the antennas then letting go of it, causing Robosnail to swerve out of control and sending it and Jean-Claude into the Seine River.

Meanwhile, Coco is being impatient if the archdeacon don't pronounce marriages, which she furiously throws the Bible at him. The wedding is about to finish with the archdeacon asking anyone if Chas and Coco shouldn't be married, only for Chuckie to barge in through the door and yells out a loud "No!" at his very first word, much to the adults' surprise. Chas is thrilled to see Chuckie finally talking for the first time and hugs him as he comforts him. Coco pretends to be happy to see Chuckie and beguilingly tries to hug him, but he refuses and embraces on Chas instead. A moment later, Jean-Claude bursts in and accidentally reveals that Coco's kidnapping plan has failed out loud. Coco tries to tell everyone to ignore Jean-Claude by calling him an "unemployed fool", but Chas angrily calls off the wedding, now finally realizing that she’s not the woman he thought she was.

Just then, Kira and the kids arrive to the church, and Angelica attempts to tell everyone the truth, but Coco promptly hushes her. Suddenly, Mr. Yamaguchi appears, revealing he had decided to come to the wedding himself in person and demanding to know what Angelica has to say. Realizing now that she's in trouble, Coco smiles nervously as Angelica rightfully reveals about Coco's hatred of children, having the heart of one in a jar and her scheme of marrying Chas was just so that she could abuse innocent children as the new president of the company, which left the families shocked and horrified at this revelation. Just as Coco is about to attack Angelica for exposing her plan, Mr. Yamaguchi, enraged at Coco's deceit, immediately dismisses her on the spot before he leave the church. Coco complains about her dismissal and attempts to storm out of Notre Dame, but she notices that Tommy, Phil and Lil are standing on her gown. Furious, Coco yanks her gown and knocks them downward, causing the three babies to fall in front of everyone, much to their families' shock; even Angelica herself is horrified by this.

Declaring that she won't let anyone but herself to pick on the babies, an outraged Angelica furiously rips Coco's gown by stepping on it, revealing Coco's purple lingerie in front of everyone with Jean-Claude mockingly singing about it. As Coco leaves and criticizes everyone to take pictures, several spectators started taking pictures of her lingerie with their cameras, much to her anger and humiliation. As Coco runs off and crying in defeat while Spike chase off Jean-Claude for trying to hurt the babies. Kira then returns Wawa to Chuckie before falling in love with Chas, and they eventually get married back home in North America, allowing Chuckie to finally get a loving stepmother and for Kira's daughter Kimi to earn a loving stepfather.

It's unknown what happens to Coco and Jean-Claude afterwards, but given to the fact that their plan was exposed and that they are fired for their crimes, it's implied that they were arrested and sent to prison or are demoted from their jobs in EuroReptarLand and forced to do other jobs.


I love the sound of panicked scurrying feet in the morning. Don't you, Jean-Claude?
~ Coco says that she loves the sound of panicked scurrying feet in the morning before Reptar's robotic head falls off.
That Stu Pickles! I want that nincompoop here within 24 hours, or another head will roll!
~ Coco orders Jean-Claude that she wants Stu Pickles to work in EuroReptarland.
Where did those filthy little bookends come from!?
~ Coco finds the Rugrats playing in her office.
See this face? I NEVER WANT TO MAKE THIS FACE AGAIN!! Now, get to work!
~ Coco screaming at Stu to not make her angry.
~ Coco asks why she is not a tender mother to a child.
~ Coco berates Jean-Claude for disgusting her and for letting the Rugrats escape to Notre Dame.
~ Coco angrily tells the Archbishop to marry both her and Chas now.
Ignore that unemployed fool! (Chas: Coco, the wedding is OFF!! You are not the woman I thought you were!)
~ Coco unsuccessfully trying to ignore Jean-Claude after the latter accidentally revealed her plot.
Pretty flower girls should be SEEN, not HEARD!!
~ Coco attempting to silence Angelica from exposing the truth about her kidnapping plot.
~ Coco lashing out at Angelica for exposing her plot to everyone, despite the fact that she betrayed Angelica earlier in the first place.
~ Coco yanking her gown to make Tommy, Phil and Lil fall on the floor out of spite against them for foiling her plot.
Well, take a picture! THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WILL SEE COCO OR HER UNDERPANTS!!! (runs off crying)
~ Coco LaBouche's last words as her lingerie is exposed to several tourists taking pictures of it.



  • Coco's design and characteristics resemble Cruella De Vil from Disney's 101 Dalmatians.
  • Coco's last name "LaBouche" is French for "the mouth".
  • Coco contrasts Scar Snout (the main antagonist of The Rugrats Movie) as instead of being an animal who acts on mere aggression and survival instinct, she is a human being who acts out of spite.
  • Her work attire consisted of seven watches.
  • To date, Coco LaBouche is Susan Sarandon's only G-rated role, villain or not. Any other role of hers is from a movie that is rated anywhere from PG to R.
  • Coco is the first Nickelodeon Movies character to be a female antagonist.
  • Coco LaBouche is named after a French dessert which is considered to be very sweet, unlike the character who's very sour.


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