Jean-Claude, take these wretched dust mops away! I WILL NOT HAVE THEM RUINING MY WEDDING DAY!
~ Coco LaBouche ordering Jean-Claude to lock up the babies during her wedding with Chaz.

Coco LaBouche is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon's 5th animated feature film Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, the second film based on the Rugrats animated series.

She is the child-hating, vituperative and opprobrious head of EuroReptarland who wishes to be head of the company, but must learn to love children first, to which she lies by saying that she is engaged. She tries to get Chaz Finster to love and marry her just so she can get promoted, which in turn leads her to become the arch-nemesis of Chaz's son, Chuckie.

She was voiced by Susan Sarandon, who also played Queen Narissa in Disney's Enchanted.


Coco LaBouche is best described as a cruel, selfish, arrogant, diabolical, manipulative and extremely short-tempered woman. She despises children and constantly lies and screams to get whatever she wants. She is very obstreperous, argumentative, uncomplimentary and vituperative, so she screams at everybody. She is also extremely seductive, coquettish and provocative, so she seduces Chaz Finster. She is also shown to be intelligent and psychopathic, as she is supposedly trying to promote as the head of Yamaguchi Industries via marriage with Chaz Finster.


Coco LaBouche has short brownish-red hair, She has eyeshadow in different colors in scenes (brown, pink, or dark green). In her first appearance, she has first to wear a purple suit. Second, She wears an orange cardigan and green dress. Third in a sushi resteraunt, she wears a pink dress and a pink hat. Forth, she wears a purple dress and purple hat. Fifth, she wears a green dress. Sixth, she wears a yellow kimono outfit to disguise as the princess of Japan from the stage play of Reptar. Seventh, she wears a pink dressing down before her wedding. And finally, she wears a white wedding bride's dress with peacock's feathers and her hair is dyed purple.


Coco LaBouche runs the amusement park EuroReptarland, a Japanese theme park located in Paris, France.  Coco LaBouche is first seen screaming at her workers to start the Reptar show. After Reptar's robotic head falls off after causing him to short-circuit, an enraged Coco angrily yells to her secretary, Kira Watanabe, to bring Stu Pickles in EuroReptarland within 24 hours. "Or another head will roll." As Coco arrives with her assistant, Jean-Claude, she finds the Rugrats playing in her office and is angry that Tommy ruined her collection of koi fishes, so she sends Jean-Claude to call the dogcatcher. Coco sits on her office and watches Stu arrive and asks him if he sees this face, angrily yelling at him that she never wants to make this face again and forces Stu to work again.

Not long after the arrival of Stu, the designer, with his family and friends, Coco has a video call with Mr. Yamaguchi, her boss, who plans to step down as President of Yamaguchi Industries. Believing that she has been chosen as his successor, Coco immediately accepts. However, Yamaguchi tells her that she is one of the many people being considered for the job and that his successor has to love children, as children are the main audience for the Reptar franchise. Coco lies to him by claiming to be engaged to a man with a child of his own, but rather than name Coco as his successor immediately, Mr. Yamaguchi tells her that they will talk about the promotion after the wedding occurs. Coco and her other assistant, Jean-Claude, try to quickly figure out how and where they are going to find a single man with a child. However, Coco angrily asks why she's not some child's tender mother and breaks down into tears, but Jean-Claude comforts her by saying that she hates children and that men will feed her to be a shrew. Coco looks through the window and says that she wants to find a man with a child somewhere out there.

However, they discover Angelica hiding in her office instead. An angry Coco, believing that Angelica has eaten her chocolates, orders Jean-Claude to get her chocolates back, so she threatens Angelica. Angelica, wanting to avoid Coco's wrath, tells her about Chaz and his son, Chuckie, since Chaz is looking to finally date someone seriously. Later, Coco interrogates Angelica and Angelica says that she will be a flower girl at Coco's wedding. Coco uses the opportunity to pretend to fall in love with Chaz, while continuously impressing Chaz as much as possible.

In order to pull it off, she forces Kira, who likes Chaz, to help her (although she is unaware of Coco's real motives). Coco learns from Angelica that, although Chaz is a little smitten with her, Chuckie doesn't like her at all and wishes for his new mommy to be the princess character who befriends Reptar. Coco resolves this by performing the role of the princess when Chaz and Chuckie attend the show. Although Chuckie is dismayed that Coco is the princess, Chaz decides on the spot he wishes to marry Coco, much to everyone's shock.

The Following Days later on the morning of the wedding, Coco is disgusted to see the babies who are eating the leftover foods under cart. Noticing Chuckie with his teddy bear, Coco forcefully yanks Chuckie's Teddy bear Wawa out of his hands after Tommy helps Chuckie until they both ended losing the bear and accidentally crashing backward at the vase's stand where Tommy manages to save Dil before the vase falls on him. Having enough of the Babies, Coco then orders Jean-Claude to lock them away. She even betrays Angelica, revealing she never intended through with her promises to her and has Angelica locked up with the rest of the kids in the warehouse with the robotic Reptar. After Jean-Claude takes the Babies away, Coco orders a horrified Kira to throw out Wawa and slams the door behind her, revealing Coco's true colors to Kira, who dawns the truth as she mourns over Chuckie's Wawa and his misery.

On their way to the cathedral, Kira confronts Coco about deceiving Chaz and about to tell him about it. Coco fires her on the spot and kicks her out of the limo, going to Notre Dame alone as she chases after it. Once arriving at Notre Dame, Coco marches forward, but signals the singer to stop and begins the wedding.

In the warehouse, a miserable Chuckie states that he wants a mother who loves him and breaks down sobbing about his father marrying a horrid woman instead of the nice, loving mother he'd been dreaming of having since that day. Ashamed, Angelica reveals her part of Coco's plot to the babies and sincerely apologizes to Chuckie and the other babies as well. Tired of being afraid, Chuckie rallys his friends to help him crash the wedding. The babies sneak inside the giant robotic Reptar and use it to escape the warehouse and rush to the cathedral. Ironically, Jean Claude sees them and boards the giant Robo-Snail to stop the babies.

During the wedding, Chuckie has enough time to arrive because Chaz spends a long time reciting what his favorite poem until Coco intercepts a phone call for Jean-Claude that the babies had escape and they're on their way to the Notre Dame. Coco berates him for it, but inadvertently nearly revealing her plans out loud in front of everyone, who are bewildered by this before she makes pathetic excuse and continues the wedding.

The pandemonium breaks out as the babies make their way to the cathedral, including being swung around midair by Robosnail and rocketing up the side of the Eiffel Tower. Eventually, Chuckie manages to defeat Jean-Claude's robo-snail by pulling on the antennas then letting go of it, causing Robo-Snail to swereve out of control until sending it and Jean-Claude into the River Seine.

Meanwhile, the wedding itself proves to be quite unpleasant and dreadful, as Coco loses patience, forces the ceremony forward and rushing the Archbishop until she completely loses her temper and tosses the Bible at him. However, Chuckie barges in through the door, halting the ceremony (in the process by yelling "NO!" as his first word), much to everyone's astonishment and Chaz's delight, who was thrilled that his son could finally talk now. Chuckie and Chaz both runs up and reunite with Chaz comforting his son that he's happy to see him.

Coco pretends to be happy to see Chuckie and tries to hug him, but he refuses and embraces on Chaz instead. A moment later, Jean-Claude bursts in and accidentally reveals that she had locked the babies up to prevent them from coming aloud. Coco tries to tell Chaz to ignore him, declaring Jean-Claude an "unemployed fool". However, Chaz angrily calls the wedding off after finally seeing the evil liar that Coco truly is. Eventually, Angelica and the rest arrive and attempt to tell the grown-ups about Coco's plan that didn't workout after all, who promptly hushes Angelica.

Just then, Mr. Yamaguchi suddenly appears, revealing he had decided to come to Coco's wedding himself and asks Angelica to tell them what Coco was trying to do. Angelica then reveals Coco's wicked scheme was to marry Chaz and then convince Yamaguchi to make her as his successor when promoted as promised. Just as Coco is about to lashes out on Angelica for her "betrayal", Yamaguchi, enraged by Coco's deceit and treachery, immediately dismisses her before leaving the church. Coco begins to rant about the dismissal and attempts to storm out of Notre Dame, but she realizes that the babies are standing on her dress.

Furious, Coco knocked them downward in front of everybody, to their shock. An outraged Angelica declares that only she is allowed to pick on the babies since she's standing up for them. Before Coco is about to leave Notre Dame in a huff, Angelica stomps on Coco's wedding dress, causing her dress to rip and revealing her lingerie in front of everyone where Jean-Claude starts singing mockingly as she was criticizing everyone to take picture about it. Unfortunately for Coco, she also reveals her lingerie in front of the tourists with cameras who started photo flashing her in process, much to her anger and humiliation. Coco runs away sobbing, never to bother the Rugrats or anyone else ever again.

It is unknown what happens to Coco at the end of the movie after she got flashed by cameras during her defeat. For some reason, she and Jean-Claude didn't get arrested and go to jail for their crimes. Either she worked at Ooey Gooey World in EuroReptarland or worked at the Perfume P.U (Parfum de P.U) where she would test deodorizers on people with smelly feet and armpits.


I love the sound of panicked scurrying feet in the morning. Don't you Jean-Claude?
~ Coco says that she loves the sound of panicked scurrying feet in the morning before Reptar's robotic head falls off.
That Stu Pickles! I want that nincompoop here within 24 hours, or another head will roll!
~ Coco orders Jean-Claude that she wants Stu Pickles to work in EuroReptarland.
Where did those filthy little bookends come from!?
~ Coco finds the Rugrats playing in her office.
See this face? I NEVER WANT TO MAKE THIS FACE AGAIN! Now, get to work!
~ Coco screaming at Stu to not make her angry.
~ Coco asks why she is not a tender mother to a child.
~ Coco berates Jean-Claude for disgusting her and for letting the Rugrats go to Notre Dame.
~ Coco angrily tells the Archbishop to marry both her and Chas now.
(Chas Finster: Coco, the wedding is off! You are not the woman I thought you were.)
~ Chas calls the wedding off upon realizing Coco is wicked and evil.
Off the gown, you revolting carpet mice! (*She knocks the Rugrats off*) (Angelica Pickles: (*furious*) Listen, lady! Nobody messes with my dumb babies 'cept me!)
~ Coco shortly before Angelica stomps on Coco's gown, tearing it off and revealing Coco's underwear to everyone in the church.
(Jean-Claude: I see London. I see France. I see Coco's underpants) (*backing away*) Well take a picture. This is the last time you will see Coco or her underpants! (*She turns around and runs out in the street, sobbing where everyone takes her picture of her underwear and Spike grabs Jean-Claude's leg*)
~ Coco LaBouche's last words



  • Coco's design and characteristics resemble Cruella De Vil from Disney's 101 Dalmatians.
  • Coco's last name "LaBouche" is French for "the mouth".
  • Coco contrasts the wolf from the original Rugrats movie, as instead of being an animal she is a human being who acts out of spite instead of mere aggression and a survival instinct.
  • Her work attire consisted of seven watches.
  • To date, Coco LaBouche is Susan Sarandon's only G-rated role, villain or not. Any other role of hers is from a movie that is rated anywhere from PG to R.
  • She is the first Nickelodeon Movies character to be a female antagonist.


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